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Scooter fun


Scooter fun: We bought Oliver a scooter in April last year just before we went to Florida, at the time I remember thinking, was it a bit too early, Is he too small or a little young? I'm delighted to say the answer was no! Oliver adores his scooter & never turns down the opportunity to go for a little ride, it really is our saviour.20140104-212929.jpg I must admit I was nervous the first time I took him to Horsham on my own with Charlotte & the scooter but he really did listen & stay close. He knows he has to come off before every road & following a cheeky little scoot around Next & disappearing out of my site for a few seconds (I nearly had a heart attack) he now knows the scooter goes onto the buggy in shops too. 20140104-212948.jpg Horsham park is a great location for the scooter as the paths are wide & smooth, it has a lovely duck pond, a little coffee shop inside the pavilions where you can buy an apple juice & use the facilities (very handy when potty training). Horsham Park also has a great swing park, which is always a great way to encourage Oliver to scoot the last bit back towards the car. 20140104-212858.jpg We have always made Oliver wear his helmet before he gets onto his scooter which we initially practised on in the house when we first got it. It took only a few reminders before he knew that he must wear his helmet before he goes on his scooter & now it's the first thing he goes for when he wants to ride. Kids & parents alike may think it's not cool to wear a helmet but we are always being stopped on our travels to be told how fabulous Oliver looks & it really has saved a few nasty head bumps along the way. Rather safe than sorry. 20140104-212909.jpg Our other favourite place to scoot is on the sea front in Brighton or Hove, it's a great location for blowing the cobwebs away & to catch-up with the gorgeous Flossie & Daisy. Let's just pray this horrid weather clears up & we can get out a bit more often, although the aftermath is great fun, riding through puddles! 20140104-212919.jpg I bought Oliver's scooter & helmet from Jojo Maman Bebe I bought the waterproof trousers (which come in a handy little bag) from Mountain Warehouse, I keep these in the car & just slip them over the top of his trousers. 20140104-212940.jpg Happy Scooting! Michelle X