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The honest transition to two


The honest transition to two: I have to say 8 weeks on from having my second child Charlotte I really do feel like she has been here forever & certainly feel like I've found my feet. I have had to adjust to a new slower pace of life which I have to admit was difficult initially, but now we have got our own little rhythm. I'm not sure how other mums manage but I've found that I have had to just come to terms with the fact that I'm not super woman, reduce the to do list & be more comfortable with the house looking like it's been burgled20140107-204119.jpg Getting out of the house I concentrate on getting us all washed & dressed, I ignore the beds needing to be made/ washing/ breakfast dishes & just leave the house. I'm sure some people manage to clean before they leave, but let's be honest the house inspector won't be calling when your out. I catch-up on the tidying up when Oliver is napping in the afternoon 20140107-204111.jpg Mummy getting ready Oliver has his breakfast & I try to get him dressed straight away, then he's free to play whilst I'm feeding Charlotte & getting ready. If we are running late it's always my time to get ready that's reduced, but a little mascara & hair brush will do for a toddler group

Utilise down time If the weather is nice at the weekend we tend to try & get out in the fresh air in between feeds (I'm breastfeeding, so it takes a while), so often I will pop on some light foundation/ brush my hair, jump in the car & apply mascara as we drive along - whilst hubby drives. I carry a small makeup bag in my baby bag & a few q-tips to clean up any mishaps

Batch cooking Monday I stayed home to catch-up on the washing & cook ahead for the week, I made 2 cottage pies & a double batch of lasagne mince, this means I can have a few free days when dinner just means prepare the vegetables & I get more dedicated time with Oliver in the afternoon 20140107-204101.jpg Toddler groups My routine with Oliver (2 & 1/2) has pretty much always been an activity/ group in the morning, 3 mornings a week, a play date one morning & I usually work on a Friday so he spends the morning with Nanna. After a busy morning we come home for Oliver's nap & then afternoons is my time for chores/ dinner/ grocery shopping etc. I have tried to maintain the same routine although only going out 3 out of 5 mornings, every other morning we stay home

Having a bath Before Charlotte came along I would jump in the bath with Oliver or after he went to bed, now I find the best time to wash my hair & chill in the bath is the morning. I feed Charlotte, pop her down for her nap, set Oliver up with a few toys & dive in. Oliver tends to jump in after me & I get ready in the bathroom whilst he's playing in the water, it's a lovely relaxing morning 20140107-204053.jpg Feeding Breastfeeding takes about an hour including the nappy changing winding etc. However I try and make little games up with Oliver to keep him occupied. Such as giving Oliver a shopping list & then he takes his basket & fills it up with those items from his kitchen. I then ask him to cook me lunch & make me tea. I do sometimes end up being hidden under a pile of play food; however he will also happily play with his cars/ other toys on his own which is great.

Overall the strategy is don't try & do too much & be realistic about what can be achieved. Although I have to say I'm able to do much more now that Charlotte is starting to get into a routine with feeding/ napping. If you have any tips you would like to share I'd love to hear them, Michelle X