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Toddler Alphabet fun


Toddler Alphabet fun: Whilst having breakfast this morning Oliver took a keen interest in the cereal box & was eagerly pointing out O for Oliver, D for Daddy, M for Mummy & N for Nanna. As he was enjoying showing me the letters I asked him if he would like to play an alphabet game & was delighted to hear an excited, yes please!20140119-204300.jpg I quickly grabbed the magnetic letters & numbers board & the alphabet q cards. Firstly Oliver likes to show me all of the letters he recognises & we clap when he gets it right, he really loves the praise & jumps up & down.. Then I show Oliver a card with a letter on & if he can find the matching letter on the board I give him the card. We talk about all of the items/animals etc we can name for the letter although Oliver's favourites are people or family members, his main interest today was F for Freddie & R for Romey, his two cousins names. We had a giggle playing with the cards & make funny noises to mimic the animals we talk about to keep it fun. 20140119-204248.jpg If Oliver isn't in the mood for the game I would never make him play as I really think it's important that his learning is fun but I have to say I really enjoy our little game & I'm delighted that he did too. I try & think of new games to keep us entertained in the afternoons & not all of them are educational but it's great to see him recognise the letters & he really enjoys showing me the letters that he knows. 20140119-204311.jpg I bought these letter magnets from Melissa & Doug. My sister gave me the alphabet cards but you can buy them from the early learning centre. Before we had the magnets I used to cut letters from old cereal boxes, so if you don't have any just make your own! Enjoy, Michelle X