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7 minute workout - Perfect for a busy mummy


7 minute workout - Perfect for a busy mummy I have been making a big effort to go to the gym recently. After Christmas and with lots of weddings and holidays coming up, I decided it's time to shape up! I try and go every other day so on average 4 times a week. In between my gym sessions I do the '7 Minute Workout'. It is an app for the iPhone. 20140202-215212.jpg There a few different ones you can download but I went for the free one which is great. 20140202-215226.jpg You literally just press START WORKOUT and it takes you through lots of different exercises. 20140202-215244.jpg The images are really helpful to get you in the right position for each section. 20140202-215305.jpg You can also take part in challenges which motivate you to do the 7 minute workout each day. 20140202-215322.jpg Perfect for when you can't get to the gym but need to get your heart rate going! Especially as a new Mummy, when you are adjusting to having less time and energy in your life. Everyone has 7 minutes, and the app reminds you daily! It's free, give it a go! Daisy x