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The calm after the storm


The calm after the storm The weather has been pretty extreme recently and our hearts go out to all the people that have had major flooding. Brighton got quite a pounding last weekend which resulted in all the pebbles from the beach being swept up onto the promenade and even reached Hove lawns at some points! 20140218-134401.jpg Brighton Beach is renowned for being stoney so it was quite a sight seeing so much sand everywhere! 20140218-134414.jpg Florence and Oliver loved running up and down the stone piles and I managed to get a lovely snap before they lost balance. 20140218-134423.jpg Oliver insisted on bringing his scooter... he is no fair weather rider! Luckily he has an understanding Daddy.... 20140218-134436.jpg The wind was still very strong when we visited and walking in one direction was great - it felt like someone pushing you along, but the other was a different story....good workout! 20140218-134447.jpg This picture shows how extreme it really was! It will take a long time to get all these stones back where they belong. 20140218-134459.jpg The next day we visited again and it was eerily calm, but very beautiful all the same.

Bring on summer!

Daisy x