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Goodbye daytime nap & bottle


Goodbye daytime nap & bottle: Ok, Ok, Ok I've finally conceded after trying all manner of approaches & have ditched the daytime nap. We tried the 12pm nap, the 1.5hr nap & even an hour nap but Oliver was still wide awake at 8.30 & not sleeping until around 9. Hubby & I spent most evenings last week In the hallway upstairs going back & forth putting him back into his bed . Ben was very patient & waited for me to cave in rather then saying I told you so....20140201-210220.jpg I also decided it was time for the bottle to go too. Oliver has still been having a bottle of water at nap/bed time & I was worried that he wouldn't nap if he didn't have the bottle; however now the nap was going the bottle could go too. I didn't discuss the daytime nap going with Oliver as I didn't want to make a big issue out of it, instead on the first day I just told him we would have some quiet time. It was actually much easier than I had anticipated, Oliver just played quietly in the lounge whilst we watched some tv. I really did expect him to beg to go to sleep but it just didn't happen. I was very surprised! 20140201-205939.jpg We decided to tell Oliver that the bottles would be collected by the bottle fairies & given to small babies. Just like Father Christmas the fairies would come down the chimney & collect the bottles, leaving a big boys present as a Thank you. So we got Oliver to put all of the bottles into the bag & put them all beside the fire with a note. I was expecting a big tantrum but it just didn't happen. We have been limiting Oliver to one bottle at bedtime which he promptly drank, so in all honesty I think he's been actually getting to sleep without it for a while. The next morning we rushed Oliver downstairs to see if the bottles had been taken & he was delighted to receive new cars & a Thank you note from the fairies. 20140201-205930.jpg If I said it wasn't heart wrenching I would be lying, I really do feel like my baby boy is growing up & I have really struggled to take this step as I want him to be my baby forever. Oliver has said a few times that he's not a big boy & wants his bottle, but to be honest he really hasn't made a big thing about it. It's been 3 days & so far so good, Oliver is sleeping well & the usual 5-6am wake-up time is now 6.30-7.30 which is fabulous. I'm still finding my feet with no day time nap but I'll keep you posted with the progress! Michelle X