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Toddler Tonsillitis


Toddler Tonsillitis: It's that dreaded time of year when the weather is constantly changing & the germs are flying around. Oliver was a bit grumpy last week but I put it down to him being a bit under the weather. I did notice that Oliver had the strangest bad breath despite brushing his teeth, but I didn't really give it a second thought. 20140213-211237.jpg We were having a home day as Charlotte had just had her second set of injections when I noticed Oliver's face looked quite swollen, I called to make a doctors appointment, they said come straight away & by the time we got his shoes on he started to burn up. I quickly gave Oliver some Calpol & left, the doctor confirmed it was tonsillitis & said the bad breath was a tell tale sign, who would have thought?

Oliver was prescribed Penicillin & we were advised to alternate Calpol & Nurofen to keep his temperature down & reduce the discomfort. We ended up setting an alarm on our phone to keep track as Oliver's temperature shot up every time the Calpol wore off, he didn't like the Penicillin so we mixed it in a small pot with the Calpol without him seeing & luckily it masked the flavour so he didn't mind taking it,

It really was quite awful, a raging temperature, a sore throat, no appetite & very swollen around the face. Here are the symptoms for future reference, although I really do hope that your little ones don't get it....

Symptoms of tonsillitis include: sore throat that can feel worse when swallowing high temperature (fever) over 38°C (100.4°F) coughing headache

If you would like to find out more click here

I'm delighted to say that Oliver is nearly finished the antibiotics & much better, I do hate him being poorly! Michelle X