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Forget Man flu... Mummy colds are way worse!


Forget Man flu... Mummy colds are way worse! I have had a cold for about a month... it has not got better and actually not got worse either! It has just lingered there, every morning and evening. Over the years I have experienced lots of illnesses in the work place and at home with my family. I actually used to cope with colds pretty well before I had Florence. I would suck it up, go to work, drink lots of water and come home straight to bed (or if it was the weekend just go out and ride the storm!). But OH! How times have changed!! Since having a baby - now toddler, there is no such thing as putting your feet up with a duvet and a cup of tea. Florence demands attention ALL the time. My only saving grace is that she will now happily watch a Disney movie from start to finish. But I do try not to plonk her down for too long, after all she needs to burn off some energy so that she goes to bed well. So I have been researching how I can boost my immune system and beat this awful cold. Here is what I came up with...

Blueberries These antioxidant powerhouses are bite-sized immunity boosters, especially when they grow in the wild. In 2007, Cornell University scientists found that wild blueberries contained the most active antioxidants of any fresh fruit, thanks to their high levels of anthocyanins—one of the most potent antioxidants. I have been eating about a punet a day, they are a great snack! 20140303-131029.jpg

Green vegetables Boost your energy with lots of green vegetables...

A one-cup serving of raw escarole provides 1/10 of your daily needs for vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). The B vitamins help convert the carbs in food to glucose that the body can use as a fuel to produce energy. B vitamins are water soluble, which means the body doesn’t store them, so you need to get enough each day.


Take your toddler to the park I have always been told to get some fresh air when I am ill. "A bit of fresh air will do you the world of good" is what my mum always said to me. So luckily with this gorgeous whether I have been trying to get out at least once a day for a nice long walk. Florence probably can't believe her luck how many times we have been to the park! 20140303-131119.jpg

Entertaining your toddler indoors - quietly I am not sure this is for everyone, Michelle would probably cover her eyes at the mere thought of this! BUT messy play/art is a great thing for your little one to do indoors when you want some peace and quiet. I squirted out some paint onto a plate, got a few different shaped pastas, and some water colours and a paintbrush. Put it all in front of her with some coloured card and let her go wild. Florence loves things like this and is a good compromise to the television. 20140303-131138.jpg

Exercise I have always tried to sweat out a cold, it beats moping around indoors and if anything lets you have a good night sleep so your body has lots of time to repair. 20140303-131205.jpg

I am feeling much better now thank goodness, Any other tips please feel free to share! Daisy x