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Free from frizz for £15


Free from frizz for £15: I've wanted a Brazilian blow dry for ages but haven't had the chance to organise it. Daisy knew I was desperate & sent me an article from the Daily Mail about a home kit equivalent for £15. I hot footed it down to boots & I was lucky as they only had 3 left on the shelf!20140320-210411.jpg My Mum offered to give me a hand with my hair after the children went to bed & luckily I accepted as we started the treatment at 7.45 & didn't finish until 10.30, it's a long process but worth it in the end 20140320-210420.jpg How to use - Step by step - Wash hair & apply 1/2 bottle of Pre-cleanse shampoo - Rinse - Wash hair again using Pre-cleansing shampoo, leaving the shampoo application on for 5 minutes & comb through (using brush provided) - Rinse (Do not condition) - Blow-dry until nearly dry, divide into 3 section & apply keratin treatment - Comb through (using the brush provided) - Allow treatment to absorb 30-40 minutes - Section the hair into 3 - Straighten each section, passing straighteners through 6-7 times - Leave treatment in hair for 48hrs & do not tie your hair back - After 48hrs wash & style as usual noticing your new beautifully frizz free hair...

PRODUCT INFORMATION What is Free From Frizz? Free From Frizz is a new, unique and patent pending way of addressing the causes of frizz and frizz control. Most products work by wetting the hair which breaks the bonds, followed by "heat" styling. This is then followed by the application of an oil or a silicone; which helps to prevent the effects of humidity on the hair. Free From Frizz softens the bonds and then uses unique patent pending technology to lock in the anti-frizz actives. Free From Frizz also works like a conditioning treatment; continuously improving hair condition leaving it soft, shiny, sleek and manageable.

Warning - don't make any social plans during the treatment Trust me I wanted to dive into the bushes just taking Oliver to pre-school, it's not a good look. Free From Frizz recommend you apply the treatment when you don’t have social plans that evening. The treatment may make your hair look slightly greasy or dank and feel dry and Free From Frizz assume that this wouldn’t be the desired look when attending a social event.

My hair felt quite coarse during & after using the pre treatment Shampoo, this is normal & luckily it felt gorgeous once I was finally able to wash the treatment out. I certainly think it's worth the effort & significantly cheaper than the £150 salon version, although I recommend you also get some help to get a professional finish. Thank you mum X