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Crabbing - When my sister invited us to Littlehampton for a days crabbing I must admit I imagined using a net to scoop up crabs in rock pools, I never thought you could actually fish for them off of a pier, it's great fun & Oliver loved it!20140423-202059.jpg I got chatting to a few locals who recommended a local Fish & Chip shop, which was great even though it took an hour (loooooong queue). Once we had finished our Fish & Chips picnic on the grass we moved to the pier. 20140423-202524.jpg We bought a few crab lines, a few nets, some smoked bacon for bait & a bucket. 20140423-202116.jpg Ben & my sister Lisa cast the lines close to the pier in to some rocks & then we waited but not for long... The children were far too excited. 20140423-202322.jpg I highly recommend bringing a see through bucket so that you can watch the crabs once you've caught them. 20140423-202333.jpg The pier was busy with lots of people crabbing & everyone was really friendly, giving advise & happy to show off their catch. The equipment was under £10 but I've since seen it cheaper, so if you are thinking of going maybe buy the kit in advance to save a few pounds. 20140423-202127.jpg We finished off the day by letting the boys have a few rides in the theme park & have to say it was a fabulous day, even though a bit chilli... Michelle X 20140423-202108.jpg Learn more information about Littlehampton: