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Free water fun


Free water fun - I'm always looking for fresh ideas for fun activities with Oliver & Nanna never ceases to amaze me with her inventive free games. We often pop down in the afternoon for a cup of tea & Oliver is always itching to get upstairs & wash his hands in the bathroom sink as Nanna lets him play with cups & water. Today Nanna had a straw waiting for Oliver & let him blow the water making bubbles, he absolutely loved it!20140429-211834.jpg I'm very lucky as Nanna makes me a nice cup of tea & I get to relax whilst she entertains the children. 20140429-211826.jpg It was fabulous to listen to Oliver giggling away having fun & such a simple idea I just had to share! 20140429-211818.jpg You really don't need any instructions, just a little imagination & a few towels to hand as it's quite messy but it's only water. Thank you Mum for my rest & the children's fun, don't worry I won't share the song time videos. Michelle X