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Guaranteed toddler 5 a day


Guaranteed toddler 5 a day: I have always had a bit of a battle getting fruit & vegetables into Oliver, as soon as he could communicate the refusal started. I continue to give him fruit & vegetables on a daily basis but he really doesn't eat very much. The advise from the health visitor is don't stress but I really do want to know he's getting what he needs through his diet. Daisy has been a great advocate of juicing & after Oliver had a particularly bad bought of tonsillitis I convinced Ben we needed one too. 20140417-213300.jpg Oliver & I went to the farm shop & bought lots of lovely fruit, I made lots of different juices & lined them up in front of Oliver in shot glasses to let him try them. To my surprise Oliver drank them all, even a green one & asked for more....

20140417-213316.jpg We now juice regularly, using whatever fruit & vegetables we have & I have yet to make a juice that Oliver doesn't like.

20140417-213325.jpg Sometimes we just juice single fruits like berries, pears or apples but we also use Daisy's recipes...

Vitamin boost

Beat the winter cold

Philips whole fruit juicer

I can't tell you how delighted I am that Oliver is finally having his 5 a day! Juicing is a great activity that we all get involved in & Oliver thinks a juice is a real treat, Happy Mummy - Michelle X