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Happy Easter


Happy Easter Happy Easter to all our lovely Abeille followers. Today is all about family's, having fun and maybe eating a chocolate egg or two.... Yesterday Jon, Charlotte and I took Flossie and Sophie up to the Devil's Dyke for their annual Egg hunt. The girls waited patiently for it to start and practised hopping around like bunnies for half an hour! 20140419-203745.jpg Flossie and Sophie are lovely friends and really enjoyed just being outside in the gorgeous countryside. 20140419-203738.jpg Once we got our clipboard, map, and pencil we set off on our quest to find all the eggs hidden around the countryside. We were joined by Flossies God mother Becky who proved her strength by carrying Flossie on her shoulders after the second egg out of ten was found.... 20140419-203730.jpg After spotting in the far distance some fellow egg hunters we decided to turn around as all the girls were tired... Flossie and Sophie looked a bit exhausted too! ;) So anyway we turned around and made our way back to the lovely people at the National trust stand. They very kindy gave the girls their chocolate eggs and an easter bonnet. They were very happy indeed! 20140419-203722.jpg How on earth we managed to keep them from eating the whole thing before lunch... 20140419-203715.jpg So that was the first egg hunt of many over our long weekend. Tomorrow we will be up to the Crabtree in the morning then onto the big family Adamson Egg hunt. 20140419-203753.jpg Have a wonderful day

Daisy x

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