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Oliver & Flossie hit the seaside


Oliver & Flossie hit the seaside We had not had a good day out for a couple of weeks. Michelle and I try our hardest to see each other seperate to work... which does not happen enough at the moment. It is very easy to get swamped into the day to day life of a mummy and before you know it the weeks pass! So on a beautiful sunny day we hit the beach and succumbed to being a tourist of Brighton. First stop Brighton Pier... 20140415-141310.jpg Florence and Oliver enjoyed an ice cream and had a cheeky ice cream kiss which I just managed to catch a photo of. 20140415-141317.jpg The view from the pier was gorgeous, great photo opportunities. Florence and Oliver loved giggling, it was so infectious they didn't stop for about 10 minutes. 20140415-141302.jpg Michelle and I often joke about Florence and Oliver getting married when they are older, we couldn't resist getting a picture of this... 20140415-141324.jpg The rides on the pier looked a little scary... well me and Michelle tought so! So we decided to head down to the seafront where there are more toddler friendly rides. 20140415-141255.jpg They loved the little train which had individual bells in each section. 20140415-141334.jpg After they had been on a few more rides we felt we desrved a jug of pimms outside the Brighton music hall. The live music there is always good. Florence has a boogie whilst mummy gets to chill! 20140415-141344.jpg How exciting to think we have many more days like this over summer, Florence just loves spending long days outside seeing her friends.

Enjoy the weather

Daisy x

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