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A mother's love


A mother's love Florenece's kittens, 'Orange and Ginger' have just turned 1 month old. It has been an amazing experience watching them from birth and how they have grown and changed in this time. 20140504-124720.jpg What I have been most surprised with is how 'Tooie' the mummy cat, looks after her kittens. She feeds them, washes them, tells them off if they are being naughty.... and from afar watches them in their own space interacting with each other. Everything that I did with Florence! 20140504-124728.jpg It was so beautiful seeing them open their eyes. As soon as they did they were suddenly interested in their surroundings so much more. As they have grown (and they have grown ALOT), they have both been very happy for Florence and I to pick them up and have a little play. I can't believe they will be leaving us in a month! It is hard to believe that Tooie will suddlenly lose interest in them considering how much they need her right now, but apparently thats the way it works. 20140504-124736.jpg I love this picture above, such a special moment with Tooie and her kitten, I never expected her to be so 'human' with them. 20140504-124745.jpg It has been a great experience having kittens, Florence has learnt how to be responsible, quiet and gentle. As hard as it has been at times I would recommend this to any family. Had to share the pics, hope you enjoy them,

Daisy x

ABEILLE BANNER - coming soon