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My baby boy is 3


My baby boy is 3: Where does the time go, I honestly can't believe my baby boy is 3. Oliver has taught me to see the fun in the simplest things such as road works, it's amazing how many different types of diggers & cranes there are. I love seeing the world through my sons eyes, it's given me a whole new perspective & appreciation for all types of construction vehicle & I can't pass a tractor without shouting 'Tractor' (even when he's not with me). 20140627-235946-86386576.jpg Oliver is my first child so I feel like we have been on a journey of discovery together & as much as I guide him through his childhood, he's helping to teach me to become a mummy. I don't always get it right & I won't lie, it's not always easy but despite the odd tantrum (usually in a Waitrose) I have had a fabulous three years with my little man & enjoyed almost every minute.

20140628-000936-576925.jpg I love our playtime, our dancing in the kitchen & our hot-dates, I love being Oliver's buddy but my favourite time of all is the big squeeze cuddles at bed time that make my heart skip a beat. As I tell Oliver every night just before he goes to sleep, 'You make me proud every day'! Michelle X