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Free baby rhyme time


Free baby rhyme time: If anyone told me I would be frequenting free singing groups in my local library before I had children I would have laughed with disbelieve...20140605-211811-76691559.jpg I met a new yummy mummy last week who was venturing out with her new born for the first time since daddy had returned to work. I was admiring her gorgeous little baby when the mummy became quite upset, the first outing alone is I'm sure you will agree a daunting experience. 20140605-211814-76694181.jpg This lovely mummy was asking if I knew of any good places to take babies & meet other new parents, I recommended local library rhyme time & local village hall/ church hall groups which I'll be honest is the last place I ever thought I would be recommending! But in all honesty these groups are filled with other new parents & it's great to meet people with similar aged children. 20140605-211812-76692556.jpg Oliver loved rhyme time & now it's an activity I enjoy with Charlotte, when Oliver is at pre-school. Rhyme time is free fun & available at most local libraries. The sessions are short, usually about 20 minutes, toys & cushions are arranged around the room & the songs words are displayed on a big board, so you don't even need to know a nursery rhyme. 20140605-211813-76693313.jpg For more information about your local Rhyme time see the West Sussex 'What's on'.

Happy singing, Michelle X