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Oliver has asthma


Oliver has asthma: I've been back & forth to the doctors countless times with Oliver over the last three years about his chest as he has always been wheezy & suffered with recurring chest infections. For the past 10 weeks Oliver hasn't been sleeping properly as he keeps waking up coughing & crying, it's making him grumpy in the day. I persisted with the doctors & after a third visit in 10 weeks they prescribed him an inhaler, to be administered twice a day. 20140618-192531-69931334.jpg I must admit I hate giving Oliver medication & was worried about the inhaler, the doctor said that we would really only know if the diagnosis was correct by Oliver's reaction to the medication. However last night was the first night in months that Oliver went to bed & didn't wake up coughing, in fact he didn't wake up until 8.20, which I'm pretty sure is the latest he has ever slept.

I'm hoping asthma is something Oliver will grow out of but for now I'm just happy that he can run around with his friends again without being 'a bit worn out' as Oliver puts it. The doctor did suggest that Oliver's asthma may be linked to a pollen allergy as we seem to always have issues at this time of year, so we will be looking into this but I will keep you posted...

If you suspect your child has asthma or would like to read more medical information please click NHS direct link

Oliver has only just been diagnosed so if you have any tips I'd love to hear them, Thank you in advance, Michelle X