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Rainy day lunch at Pho


Rainy day lunch at Pho A sunny day is usually followed by a rainy day, and when it rains it pours. We have got to stage with our toddlers that unless you stay at home, build camps, run around in circles round the coffee table, or wortly plonk them in front of the telly each day, then you have to go our whatever the weather! So Charlotte and I decided to brave the weather and head into town for lunch! 20140527-144801-53281226.jpg Pho is our favourite place to go - with or without the kids! When you are hungry the food is filling, not greasy, and quickly served, I usually have the noodle soup - amazing! Everything looks so fresh and you leave trying to plan when you can next visit - preferably with someone else so you can pretend that you haven't been for ages....... 20140527-144801-53281411.jpg They are great with children. The patience of the staff is great and they always make Florence feel welcome on each visit. When we sit down Florence gets a childrens menu, she usually has the egg rice and ice cream for dessert. 20140527-144801-53281589.jpg These girls really are best buddies, so lovely to watch them learn and grow together! Right I am off to have lunch at Pho!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend in the sun and rain.

Daisy x

ABEILLE BANNER - coming soon