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Removing permanent marker from the wall


Removing permanent marker from the wall: Oliver is in a cheeky experimental phase which includes drawing on walls. If Oliver goes quiet I know he's up to mischief & this was his latest masterpiece on his bedroom wall. 20140604-202905-73745576.jpg Yes, I know I shouldn't have left a sharpie permanent marker on the side! Lesson learnt & I'm now hiding pens, locking the cupboards & making sure that I safely store the scissors.

imageI discovered these Flash magic erasers a few years ago, they are great for scuff marks on the wall & evidently permanent marker too! You simply wet them, rinse them out & lightly scrub the marked area, a mummy must-have for sure! Tip - Rub the wall gently as excessive rubbing can remove the paint

20140604-202901-73741252.jpg About It looks like a sponge, cleans like magic & is re-usable too. Use them everywhere!. Enough might to erase tough dirt everywhere. WARNING Test a small area with light pressure before use, Keep out of reach of children.

20140604-202903-73743328.jpg We are working on channelling the new found experimentation & can hopefully avoid too much redecoration but in the mean time I'll be stocking up on the flash magic erasers just in case! Happy scrubbing, Michelle X