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Flossie's Birthday party


Flossie's Birthday party Florence had her Birthday party at The Crabtree this year because I wanted to one big party for her rather than friends/family on seperate days. My garden can fit about four people in it, and that is not even mentioning the bouncy castle... THAT would not fit in at all! 20140625-170029-61229607.jpg The children loved the bouncy castle, we ordered one with a slide which kept them busy for about 4 hours... the company we used was Speedy inflatables who were wonderful. They also don't charge if it rains on the day but we were lucky with brilliant sunshine!! 20140625-170029-61229785.jpg My Sister Mollie and her lovely boyfriend James made Flossie's cake which was delicious - apparently! All gone before I got to it. 20140625-170029-61229438.jpg Florence had a wonderful time with all her little friends and I am pretty certain they all slept well that day! 20140625-170029-61229247.jpg I made teapots of pimms for the adults and jugs of squash for the children. 20140625-170030-61230336.jpg It was great being somewhere that has something for all ages, Florence has a wide variety of friends all with different age groups. 20140625-170029-61229971.jpg The girls really enjoyed the tyre swing, when the boys let them on! I kept toys to a minimum, the less to argue over the better. 20140625-170030-61230154.jpg Instead of party bags I got bubbles for everyone. Perfect for any age group, the same for everyone and I bought these out near the end of the party so that they could play with them all together.

Florence had a wonderful day, Thank you so much to everyone who came. Daisy & Florence xx