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A hot date with my boy


A hot date with my boy: A hot date with my boy, this means Mummy & Oliver time, a special treat for Oliver (usually a cake or biscuit) & some time for us to have a proper chat out of the house. Yesterday Charlotte had a meeting with the dietician & I knew this would involve lots of patience from Oliver in hospital so promised him a very special milkshake afterwards. 20140718-212216-76936265.jpg We found Shakeaway in the Brighton lanes & to Oliver's absolute joy they made a Freddo milkshake, I have to admit I would never normally let him have a milkshake, trust me when I say he's naturally full of beans & does not need any additional energy bursts but he had been exceptionally fabulous so a very special treat was needed.

20140718-212217-76937010.jpg Oliver was in absolute heaven with his Freddo milkshake, he sat very quietly with a huge grin on his face the entire time. Shakeaway was very clean & the wonderful staff were very helpful, friendly & kept us entertained with great music & the odd little jig. The staff were happy to heat up Charlottes lunch & I have to admit I will be returning, they even have soya milk for those of you that are dairy free.

20140718-212219-76939103.jpg Oliver's was SO happy & his smile was worth the additional burst of energy, it kept us scooting along through the lanes whilst mummy nipped into infinity foods for some dairy free treats. We finished off the day meeting up with Daddy after work for fish & chips on the beach & a paddle in the water, perfect! Michelle X