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Keeping cool in the summer


Keeping cool in the summer: I just adore this hot weather, sunshine all day & we can spend so much time out doors but let's be honest the children can get grumpy if they get too hot.20140723-232114-84074810.jpg Plenty of sun cream & ditch the clothes: In this weather I think clothes can be too hot so I tend to slather on the factor 50 suncream & let the children enjoy the cool breeze. 20140723-232114-84074033.jpg Sun hat is a must: you can't beat a good sun hat to protect precious little faces, I bought this one from my favourite shop - Jojo maman bebe 20140723-232115-84075508.jpg Good nights sleep: Keeping the children's bedrooms cool is key, so early afternoon I close the blinds & shutters upstairs in preparation for bedtime & if its really hot I pop a bowl of iced water in front of a fan & shut the door (it works like air conditioning).

Alfresco bath: I've starting using my small inflatable bath again in the evenings & wanted to re-share my post as a reminder of a fun & easy way to bath the children & keep them entertained - Alfresco bath

Keeping cool at bedtime: Daisy also shared a great post with tips for keeping cool at bedtime - Keeping cool at bedtime

Now the summer holidays have arrived I will share lots of fun free activities to do with children in this beautiful hot weather, so stay tuned for some fresh ideas… Michelle X