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We LOVE Tennis!


We LOVE Tennis! About 2 months ago I started playing tennis at my health club 'Withdean'. I had many lessons growing up and was actually very good - before my interests in other things at the age of 16 (you know what I'm talking about!) brought an end to my playing. I now play 3 times a week, one being a cardio tennis session which you don't have to know how to play, is great fun and really gets you moving. On our last session the coach Tanya gave us each a pedometor to attach to ourselves and I was shocked to see that I had moved 4798 steps in 45 minutes! Anyway, I am so glad to be back in the game and do not intend getting distracted in any way again! Tanya coaches Diddy Tennis which starts age 3 so I was delighted to get Florence on the court to see what she could do. (Appologies for the dreadful photos, I was trying to be dicreet and get ONLY Florence in them). 20140712-193049-70249185.jpg Tanya is great with the little ones and one game which Florence loved the most was 'Walking the dog'. You have to guide the ball along with your racket and there are dog catchers (parents) who come along and try to steal the ball, at what point they have to squash the ball with their racket so you can't get it. 20140712-193049-70249345.jpg Florence was great and actually managed to hit some balls over the little net at the end of the lesson. 20140712-193049-70249510.jpg Even if they are no good at such a young age it is brilliant fun, active and low cost (£2.50).

Give it a go! Daisy x