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My baby girl is 8 months today


My baby girl is 8 months today: My baby girl is 8 months today & I feel it's time for celebration as Charlotte really is finally SO happy. We had a difficult start with reflux & a dairy allergy, as you have probably read in the blog it was a very testing time for us all but especially my darling daughter who was just desperately unhappy & very uncomfortable.20140703-225855-82735125.jpg We are still dairy free & have been recommended to remain so until Charlotte is one. The reflux has significantly calmed since Charlotte started sitting up, although she is still taking daily medication. Charlotte did have a bariam scan & luckily only reflux was detected so are just waiting for her to hopefully outgrow the reflux. 20140703-225854-82734403.jpg Charlotte is now sitting up, trying to crawl although just currently shuffling backwards, clapping her hands & squawks along when we sing songs. Lottie is obsessed with her brother Oliver who can make her erupt with laughter just by jumping up & down, she loves our dog Oscar & is in complete awe of her Dadda & yes.... She spends ALL day saying it, Dadda, Dadda, Dadda!!! 20140703-225853-82733675.jpg I could say SO much more but will let these pictures speak for themselves. 20140703-225855-82735907.jpg I'm off for another giggly peekaboo game, Michelle X