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Salad Dinosaur


Salad dinosaur: Oliver has a new found enthusiasm for trying new things which I have to credit to his pre-school, I really do think watching the other children eat fruit has helped him want to try things too. We often have quiet time after school days & I let Oliver watch some television, he loves Peppa pig & asked me to make him a salad dinosaur after George had one made for him by Granny & Grandpa pig, music to my ears!20140429-212046.jpgOliver & I had great fun making the salad dinosaur, we just made it up as we went along & he happily tried the lettuce, tomato & cucumber. I wish I could say he loved them but in all honesty he just spat them out, not quite the miracle I was hoping for but I'm celebrating the new found enthusiasm for trying things & am delighted that rice, cous cous & sweetcorn have been new successes..... I will continue to try Oliver with new foods & owe a big thank you to Daisy for suggesting we try serving all food from the middle of the table, Oliver loves serving himself & is much more likely to try new things, even fruit, he's enjoying bananas & apples too now... Michelle X