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The Neckerchew, A dribble bib & teether in one!


The Neckerchew, A dribble bib & teether in one! I have tried most of the teething toys on the market between my two children & have to admit I melted a few in the steriliser (before they have even been used - Ops!) lost a few whilst out & about in the pushchair & the ones that survived then end up being dropped on the floor numerous times so you end up carrying a few. The Neckerchew was a gift for Charlotte & I just had to share this with you as it really is genius.20140709-212303-76983634.jpg The fabulous thing about The Neckerchew is that you don't have to remember to bring it with you as it's already attached to the dribble bib which you pop on when getting dressed in the morning. The Neckerchew is reversible with a different design on each side, light weight & very easy for baby to use, Charlotte loves it! 20140709-212302-76982729.jpg About - The Neckerchew

It’s good to chomp Your baby will love the texture of our little teething triangle. The chewy corner is designed to let your little one chomp their teething troubles away. Chewing also helps those little teeth break free! Wash after wash, the Neckerchew is built to last. It’s also super-safe to chew on. That’s because the teether will never flake or peel – as well as being 100% free from nasty phthalates.

It’s not going anywhere Wouldn’t it be great if there was a gravity-defying, always-there, un-throw-awayable teether? The Neckerchew stays put, just where baby needs it. No more gritty, fluffy teethers on the floor.

Dribbles be gone! Neckerchew’s soft, super-absorbent cotton soaks up all those teething dribbles. Then the clever middle layer locks them away from your little one’s chest and chin. So baby stayer drier and comfier. And, if it was possible, just a tiny bit cuter.

Flip that mess around Ta da! Introducing the two-sided, now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t marvel that is the Neckerchew. When one side’s done its duty, just whip it over to the other – so your teething tot can keep on dribbling and chewing in style.

Fabulous (little) darlings Our brilliant range of colours and patterns are the perfect match for any outfit. And because they’re reversible, you get two brilliant looks for the price of one.

Click here to see the full range: 20140709-212305-76985331.jpg The Neckerchew is the perfect gift & very affordable, prices start at £9.99, A mummy must-have for sure! Trust me anything that helps a teething baby will be treasured by ALL mummies, Michelle X