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FaceTime Over the past few weeks Jon has had to stay up at the Crabtree because he has been so busy. It is amazing how much Florence misses him and notices that he is not there in the morning, so as a compromise we have resorted to a 'Face Time' morning chat. Luckily we are moving out to the country so this will happen less and less but in the mean time its great for her to have a face to face chat. 20140712-193140-70300432.jpg We love Facetime or Skype, it is perfect to catch up with family members who live far away who we don't get to see as often as we would like. Michelle and I even use it for business chats, especially when trying to explain the contents of a spreadsheet which is not particularly my forte! This is going to be a huge part of Florence and Olivers generation, it is exciting and scary to imagine how far it will be devloped in another 10 years. Keep in touch! Daisy x 20140711-215037-78637862.jpg

Grandpa's birthday


Grandpa's birthday Last week was my lovely Dad's birthday. Florence calls him Bampa and now that she is a bit older and not ALL about Jaja (my mum) anymore, they have so much fun together. Since his knee operation a few months ago he is now kind of able to roll down hills and run around being 'horsey'. 20140706-200750-72470826.jpg I am sure Dad enjoys it as much as she does....... 20140707-204105-74465025.jpg For his birthday we had a gorgeous lunch at South lodge, they have a great set menu by the wonderful Steven from master chef, two courses for £18 - bargain! 20140707-204942-74982680.jpg The goats cheese granola was delicious! 20140706-200750-72470435.jpg From countryside to seaside we then headed down to the beach for a bottle of wine with the last of the rays. Perfect day for a very deserving daddy! 20140706-200750-72470617.jpg Happy birthday to all the lovely daddies that have had birthdays this month!

Daisy x

Belated Father's Day


Belated Father's Day My blog posts are generally focused on my day to day life with Florence. Daddy gets a mention now and then but I don't give him specific acknowledgement. Jon is a wonderful Daddy, he works incredibly hard and comes home to Florence and I who expect him to be full of beans and ready to party....

20140620-205141-75101960.jpg Florence is used to being with me a lot of the time so when referring to a situation she usually uses feminine terms. We were sat on the bed yesterday morning and she patted Jon on the back and said "Right Madam! Let's go downstairs!". If Jon does something that makes her proud, she congratulates him with "good girl!". We obviously correct her but it does keep us giggling. We are both having so much fun with this stage of her development as a toddler/little girl. Albeit exhausting she is such an entertainer.

We love you Daddy!

Daisy & Florence x

Happy birthday Oliver!


Happy birthday Oliver! Flossie's gorgeous best friend Oliver turned 3 today! Exactly 1 week younger than Florence, they have know each other since they were 3 months old. So when Michelle and Ben invited us to spend the day with them for Olivers birthday we were very excited.... especially for Florence that it was a day out to PEPPER PIG WORLD. 20140624-202254-73374477.jpg We had such a fun day, Oliver and Florence went from ride to ride with huge smiles on their faces. It is clean, entertaining and a great day out for all the family. We cannot wait to go again!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVER! So lovely to spend it with you, Big kisses Daisy Florence and Jon xxx

Paisley beach wear


Paisley beach wear Whenever I am in town I pop into Zara home. I love the smell, the way everything is displayed and the gorgeous childrens section. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I noticed these gorgeous paisley Liberty print summer collection!



The boys and girls both are gorgeous.. I actually want to get the boy shorts for Florence because they are such a beautiful colour!



My first purchase were these little swimming bottoms which are perfect to throw on by the pool.



Now I have just got to add to the collection!! There is alot there but ot the cheapest so think Florence will be having a few items on her birthday list!



They even do matching bikini's and trunks for adults... so for those of you who like to match up with your kids, go wild!



Lets hope for lots more sun so that these beautiful prints can be put on show...

Daisy x

ABEILLE BANNER - coming soon