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The Mummy Shop


The Mummy Shop - This fabulous book is the perfect remedy for every Mummy at bedtime. Nothing makes me feel happier after a long tiring day then a call from Oliver asking for a cuddle from his perfect Mummy. Hubby usually reads Oliver's bedtime story (when he's home from work), whilst I'm putting Charlotte to bed & then I pop in for a great big cuddle.20140424-203006.jpg It's a great book as the little boy is cross, cross, cross with his Mummy for making him do chores & not letting him do naughty things. Despite trying lots of new Mummies the little boy realises he had the perfect one all along!

Does your mummy tell you off for jumping on your bed? Does she make you eat vegetables when you don't want to? Then call The Mummy Shop, & we will help you find the perfect new mummy. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 20140424-203023.jpg When a little boy grows tired of his mummy, he calls The Mummy Shop for help. But after a number of mishaps & misunderstandings, he starts to think he may have made a big mistake...A laugh-out-loud tale of one boy's quest to find the perfect mummy...his own!

To buy The Mummy Shop:  click here

I've always loved reading & am delighted that Oliver does too. This was a gift from Nanna & a great find as it can trigger a discussion about why Oliver was not allowed to run along the sofa or play football in the kitchen but always results in a BIG cuddle. If you have any book recommendations please do share! Michelle X

What we are reading this month



Florence went to the gorgeous 2nd Birthday of her good friend Sophie's a few Saturdays ago and as the party bag gift all the children recieved a book by Julia Donaldson! Such a great idea and has infact encouraged me to get a good library for Florence in her new bedroom when we move house! 20131013-201204.jpg Book description- "Oink!" said the cats . . . With all the MOOing and HISSing and BAAAing and CLUCKing, the farmyard is full of noise. But when Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len hatch a plot to steal the fine prize cow, it's the quietest animal of all who saves the day! Spot the glittery ladybird on every page of this wonderful rhyming tale. 20131013-201252.jpg Florence absolutely LOVES this book, the ladybird on each page is covered in glitter which helps your little one find it easily and while I read the story Florence gets really excited finding it. 20131013-201324.jpg You can buy it here A great present for your toddlers friends for Christmas and there are lots of different fun stories so I am going to start collecting them for Florence. Happy reading

Daisy x