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A wedding!


A wedding! It is that time of year that at my age there is nearly a wedding every month, sometimes consecutive weekends. The bride and groom have been planning their special day for a year or possibly two (In Sophie's case probably since she was a little girl) to ensure that they throw a wedding to remember. We got a message the previous evening to warn us that there might be traffic so to leave early, which we did.... 7am early!! Luckily we had a pretty smooth sailing journey which got us up to the venue in good time so we got a few hours to admire the beautiful Hengrave Hall. 20140728-090021-32421738.jpg We got shown to our room and whilst we got ourselves unpacked I propped Florence up on the very beautiful bed to watch a bit of Disney's FROZEN. The ipad comes everywhere with us these days, I swore I would never become one of those parents that bring it out in a pub or over dinner but I have succumbed to the 21st century lifestyle (and we get 20 minutes of uninterupted peace). 20140728-090020-32420074.jpg When we were called from our room we made our way down to the most beautiful church. Sophie and Neil most definately did not scrimp on the flower arrangements which were eye catching to say the least. We saw a message on the Order of service which asked for no pictures to be taken in the church...... so obviously this prompted me and my crazy family to do a quick selfie!! 20140728-090021-32421561.jpg On the hottest day of the year that we have had in England I was very thankful that they had not gone for a full mass wedding like my own (2 hours!!) and when got out we threw home made confetti over the new Mr & Mrs Spencer. 20140728-090021-32421001.jpg After drinks on the lawn we made our way through to the hall for lunch, only then did I realise I had not fed Florence for nearly 6 hours.... thats why she was getting grumpy! Next wedding I will remeber a packed lunch for her. 20140728-090020-32420440.jpg I think this was during the best mans speech! 20140728-090019-32419890.jpg And again, had to get a flower picture because they were so spectacular! 20140728-090020-32420253.jpg Now I have not used a pushchair for Florence for about a year now... but we thought it might be useful on this occasion. She slept for an hour at lunch time and then jumped back in it for a rest a bit later. Well worth remembering for toddlers when you have a long day ahead. It also gave me an extra hour of photo booth/dancing and catching up with the family before we had to retire (with a few drinks for the room). 20140728-090019-32419512.jpg Sophie had thought of everything and even supplied flip flops for when the shoes had to come off! 20140728-090020-32420615.jpg Congratulations Mr & Mrs Spencer... see you next weekend for another wedding! Daisy x


Flossie's Birthday party


Flossie's Birthday party Florence had her Birthday party at The Crabtree this year because I wanted to one big party for her rather than friends/family on seperate days. My garden can fit about four people in it, and that is not even mentioning the bouncy castle... THAT would not fit in at all! 20140625-170029-61229607.jpg The children loved the bouncy castle, we ordered one with a slide which kept them busy for about 4 hours... the company we used was Speedy inflatables who were wonderful. They also don't charge if it rains on the day but we were lucky with brilliant sunshine!! 20140625-170029-61229785.jpg My Sister Mollie and her lovely boyfriend James made Flossie's cake which was delicious - apparently! All gone before I got to it. 20140625-170029-61229438.jpg Florence had a wonderful time with all her little friends and I am pretty certain they all slept well that day! 20140625-170029-61229247.jpg I made teapots of pimms for the adults and jugs of squash for the children. 20140625-170030-61230336.jpg It was great being somewhere that has something for all ages, Florence has a wide variety of friends all with different age groups. 20140625-170029-61229971.jpg The girls really enjoyed the tyre swing, when the boys let them on! I kept toys to a minimum, the less to argue over the better. 20140625-170030-61230154.jpg Instead of party bags I got bubbles for everyone. Perfect for any age group, the same for everyone and I bought these out near the end of the party so that they could play with them all together.

Florence had a wonderful day, Thank you so much to everyone who came. Daisy & Florence xx

Rainy day lunch at Pho


Rainy day lunch at Pho A sunny day is usually followed by a rainy day, and when it rains it pours. We have got to stage with our toddlers that unless you stay at home, build camps, run around in circles round the coffee table, or wortly plonk them in front of the telly each day, then you have to go our whatever the weather! So Charlotte and I decided to brave the weather and head into town for lunch! 20140527-144801-53281226.jpg Pho is our favourite place to go - with or without the kids! When you are hungry the food is filling, not greasy, and quickly served, I usually have the noodle soup - amazing! Everything looks so fresh and you leave trying to plan when you can next visit - preferably with someone else so you can pretend that you haven't been for ages....... 20140527-144801-53281411.jpg They are great with children. The patience of the staff is great and they always make Florence feel welcome on each visit. When we sit down Florence gets a childrens menu, she usually has the egg rice and ice cream for dessert. 20140527-144801-53281589.jpg These girls really are best buddies, so lovely to watch them learn and grow together! Right I am off to have lunch at Pho!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend in the sun and rain.

Daisy x

ABEILLE BANNER - coming soon

Another sunny Brighton day


Another sunny Brighton day I am currently looking at moving out to the country. One of the great things about Brighton is that when the sun shines, you feel like you are on holiday! So a few weeks ago the sun shone and we head out with a picnic down to the seafront. Florence loves being outdoors wherever we are, it is perfect for an energetic toddler. Lots of space to run around and free! 20140527-150801-54481555.jpg We are very lucky that most of our friends are child friendly... trust me some are not. So Florence had a great time chatting to everyone on the beach and playing with passing children. 20140527-150801-54481179.jpg We always go down to Morrocco's in Hove which is quieter than Brighton and Florence loves the ice cream there. 20140527-150801-54481008.jpg Jon introduced her to this VERY colourful Bubblegum ice cream........... luckily we only go every so often! 20140527-150801-54481361.jpg Lets hope for many more sunny days like this, I am enjoying the easy bedtimes because Flossie has been running around all day!

Daisy x