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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

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Flossie's (my) favourite outfit this summer


Flossie's (my) favourite outfit this summer Once again Flossie's gorgeous God mother and my best friend - Miss Becky Uden bought Florence a very beautiful outfit for her birthday. There is a lovely boutique shop near where she lives in London called 'I Love gorgeous' and it is probably a good thing that it is not near me because I would buy the shop out! 20140712-192928-70168107.jpg The clothes all come with matching accessories and all the fabrics used are such lovely quality. Perfect for special occasions or a gift for someone that you love ALOT!

Happy shopping Mummies... close your eyes daddies!!

Daisy x


Paisley beach wear


Paisley beach wear Whenever I am in town I pop into Zara home. I love the smell, the way everything is displayed and the gorgeous childrens section. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I noticed these gorgeous paisley Liberty print summer collection!



The boys and girls both are gorgeous.. I actually want to get the boy shorts for Florence because they are such a beautiful colour!



My first purchase were these little swimming bottoms which are perfect to throw on by the pool.



Now I have just got to add to the collection!! There is alot there but ot the cheapest so think Florence will be having a few items on her birthday list!



They even do matching bikini's and trunks for adults... so for those of you who like to match up with your kids, go wild!



Lets hope for lots more sun so that these beautiful prints can be put on show...

Daisy x

ABEILLE BANNER - coming soon

Flossie's new summer outfit


Flossie's new summer outfit Whenever I feel like I am falling into the trap of buying comfy, cheap, mix and match clothing for Florence (it is after all practical), I like to go out a buy her something special. Zara is a favourite for us, It is bang on trend and won't break the bank. Great for girls and boys. 20140504-124408.jpg I loved this little outfit. Really fun and lightweight for summer. Florence can move easily in it and with a party coming up I actually had a real excuse to buy it. 20140504-124417.jpg Where has my baby gone!! I still cannot believe how grown up she is now... she is great company.

Keep stylish!

Daisy x

Love Keep Create


Love Keep Create: If like me you are emotionally attached to your children's clothes this is the perfect solution. You choose your favourite items & have them made into a beautiful keep sake teddy or blanket. I have to say the quality & workmanship of all items we had the pleasure of seeing at the Harrogate International baby show were outstanding!20140410-215336.jpg I bought a stunning summer dress & hat for Charlotte at the & they are just beautifully made. The hat is fully reversible & despite being constantly used, retains it's shape. 20140410-220206.jpg I just can't wait to put the summer dress on Charlotte, hurry up hot weather! 20140410-215345.jpg About Love Keep Create: Take your treasured old baby clothes & turn them into gorgeous keepsake teddy bears. Keepsake bears, dragons, monkeys, ducks…they have a whole keepsake animal family!

Love Keep Create also make gorgeous keepsake quilts & blankets & can even do 3D pictures. Why not have a keepsake frame made from that first hospital outfit & a scan picture? They have lots of ideas & are more than happy to consult with you over creating the perfect baby keepsake. All products can also be made from any other precious old clothing as a great way to treasure loved ones. All items can also be personalised. Keepsake animals also all come in a lovely presentation box with an accreditation certificate including the child’s name & date of birth. 20140410-215435.jpg

The perfect gift If you do want to buy a gift for a birth/ christening or just because.. The gift boxes are just darling! 20140410-215505.jpg My husband is delighted that I can finally sort through our children's clothes in the loft & have a keepsake instead of 20 bags of clothes, the only issue I have now is do I get a blanket or a teddy bear (or both, just don't tell Ben). Michelle X

The launch of Abeille's first product!


The launch of Abeille's first product! Sorry for the delay uploading this post, It has taken up until now for everything to sink in. On Saturday we packed our bags (all eight of them!!) and got on the road by 8am on our route to Harrogate. Michelle and I were launching the first product for our Abeille Baby range. The Harrogate International baby fair is the UK's premier nursery trade event attracting almost every manufacturer and supplier of baby goods in the UK.... hence why we are VERY excited!! 20140327-192118.jpg We didn't even have time to unpack after our five hour drive so headed straight to the fair. The product we are launching are Cellular blankets.... but these essential items are not the basic, bland, crispy pieces of material that you are told to buy on your baby list. These Cellular blankets are Simple - YES... Beautiful - YES... Essential - YES. We have taken a simple, essential blanket and transformed it by using a beautiful colour palet, increased the weight to make it bouncy and soft on your babies skin, (it is after all the only blanket you will be requiring for the first few months) and worked really hard on a very stylish logo so that you will be wanting ONLY an Abeille cellular blanket for your baby. 20140327-192127.jpg It was a last minute idea that we exhibit, we only found out about the show about a month before, so with an incredible amount of effort - or I should really say Blood, sweat and tears from myself, Michelle and our manufacturers, we were very proud of what we achieved. Our stand looked beautiful and ready to entice any buyer passing by! 20140327-192137.jpg Michelle's beautiful little girl Charlotte was our lucky mascot indeed. We got an incredible amount of interest/orders and were pretty overwhelmed by some of the buyers that came to speak to us. 20140327-192146.jpg The days were spent on our feet from 8am to 6pm, chatting to interested buyers and getting tips from our lovely friends on neighbouring stands. 20140327-192159.jpg The evenings were spent drinking wine and filling in the boys with the days events. I officially have the best BBP (Best business partner) EVER! 20140327-192225.jpg Daddy day care went pretty smoothly. The boys were an amazing support to us, we couldn't have done it without them. Thank you Ben and Jon for everything - Best daddies ever! 20140327-192237.jpg Although they did learn the hard way that a day full of treats had concequences.... 20140327-192248.jpg Now I have a long list of people to call and email, designs to work on and meetings to arrange!! I do not know where to start??? But watch this space because in 3 months time Abeille Cellular blankets will be hitting the shelves... you saw it here first!

Lots of love and excited dancing round the lounge...

Daisy xxxx