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Belated Father's Day


Belated Father's Day My blog posts are generally focused on my day to day life with Florence. Daddy gets a mention now and then but I don't give him specific acknowledgement. Jon is a wonderful Daddy, he works incredibly hard and comes home to Florence and I who expect him to be full of beans and ready to party....

20140620-205141-75101960.jpg Florence is used to being with me a lot of the time so when referring to a situation she usually uses feminine terms. We were sat on the bed yesterday morning and she patted Jon on the back and said "Right Madam! Let's go downstairs!". If Jon does something that makes her proud, she congratulates him with "good girl!". We obviously correct her but it does keep us giggling. We are both having so much fun with this stage of her development as a toddler/little girl. Albeit exhausting she is such an entertainer.

We love you Daddy!

Daisy & Florence x