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Halloween practical costume idea


Halloween practical costume idea This Halloween I was racking my brains thinking of something for Florence to wear to the Crabtree Halloween party. It starts at 5pm and finishes at 7pm so I did not what to get something too fussy-she will want to go to sleep straight away! Whilst browsing in Gap for a winter coat (I did not find one-it seems boys get double the choice to girls everywhere!) I found some pyjamas with a skeleton over the front. 20131025-095619.jpg This is perfect, if she falls asleep in the car I can transfer her straight to bed! I bought the pink set but they are clearly a winner because Oliver wore this to the party last year in black-which is also still available. 20131025-100044.jpg Florence looks mega cute, very comfy, and she will be able to continue wearing them for the rest of the winter. One less fancy dress costume to be worn once then put up in the loft.... Jon will be happy! *They sell these in the Brighton store, unfortunately they do not seem to be on their website so I won't add a link. Happy Halloween

Daisy x

Halloween at the Crabtree


Halloween at the Crabtree Who is celebrating Halloween this year? Do people go Trick or treating anymore? This is all new to me, I can remember as a child going with my friends and my brother, and I am sure at some point I even took my sister (she is 9 years younger than me). Florence is now 2 years old and I am not sure if it is too young-and do I want her having too many sweets yet? Florence has been invited to a little toddlers Halloween party which will be very cute! 20131018-124932.jpg Every year we have a Halloween party at our family pub, The Crabtree in Lowerbeeding. 20131018-125037.jpg It is aimed for everyone so the children can all get dressed up and get involved (the adults get dressed up aswel, they love it). We decorate the pub and have a fancy dress competition and a pumpkin competition. 20131018-125010.jpg So bring along your scary children, Florence is scary enough at the moment but I will dress her up anyway... last year I found this cute witches dress. 20131018-125025.jpg Here are the details- Thursday 31st October from 5pm-7pm Its "Trick or treat" here on Hallows Eve. Competition for best Jack "O" Lantern and spookiest costume...Judging at 6:50pm. Toffee Apples, sweets and apple bobbing. We will also have a spooky bar snack menu along side our normal a la carte (please reserve a table for a la carte). For contact details click here

Have a spooky time!

Daisy x