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Sudocrem facial


Sudocrem facial Every girl should have a personal tub of Sudocrem in their cupboard. When Florence was a baby I bought it in bulk for nappy rash (for Florence). I read a great article in Cosmopolitan magazine a few months ago and it suggested using on you face if you have a breakout of spots. So after a heavy weekend I grabbed the tub and plastered it over my face. 20140625-202734-73654485.jpg I left it on all evening and like magic by the next day my face was clear and smooth! I couldn't actually believe it. So now even after a day in the sun I apply before bed and my skin feels refreshed by the next day. You can buy it pretty much everywhere, perfect for a busy mummy who dosen't have time to go to the salon and won't break the bank either! Give it a go Daisy x

Rhubarb Jam


Rhubarb Jam When I was doing my online shop last week I had a sudden impulse to buy some rhubarb! I was not sure what I was going to make out of it but the thought of going through winter without having had any just did not sit right. After it sitting in the fridge for a few days I flicked through Nigella's cook book and found a 'fool proof', very easy jam recipe... It literally has two ingredients. 20140224-214519.jpg

Ingredients... 2 Kilograms Rhubarb 2 Kilograms Sugar

I just used the equal weight as the Rhubarb so that I used it all up. I think it was less than half of this and I managed to get two small jars.


Method... Cut the leaves off (obviously) and cut the rhubarb into thin bits, depending on how thick they are. If it is very thick then around 5 mm thick bits but otherwise up to 1cm. Do not discard the white part because it is the sweetest. 20140224-214748.jpg Put the rhubarb in a large pan in layers with the sugar and let rest over night. This will extract a lot of juice from the rhubarb. 20140224-214805.jpg Here is what mine looked like after one night! 20140224-214825.jpg And now on to the cooking, I warn you-it takes days, but don't be alarmed. Nigella's grandmother came up with this method because she was keeping the electric bills down so whenever she was done cooking something, she would turn off the heat and put the jam over to use the extra heat. The day after you cut the rhubarb you only need to bring the heat up a little bit and stir it a good deal to preventing any burns, 10 -30 min on low or medium should do it. Now turn off the heat and let the jam rest. You just repeat this, maybe twice a day, until the jam has this deep reddish amber colour. Mine took 3 days... 20140224-214531.jpg Remember that the jam should never boil very "vigorously" the sugar may overheat and the delicate flavour may be lost. 20140224-214508.jpg When filling the jars follow general instructions about hygiene and put an extra layer of sugar on the top to seal it (if it's done right it prevents all mould). The jam can be stored in cupboard for up to 3 years, though I wouldn't recommend keeping it for more than a year. It serves brilliantly with waffles. Florence really enjoyed the process and checking it each day to see how much gooier it was. She particularly liked licking the spoon. I am going to try this metod with lots of different fruits, so easy ad delicious and much cheaper than buying jam from a shop!


Daisy x

Flossie's first homework assignment


Flossie's first homework assignment Ok so 'assignment' is probably a bit of a stong word for this title but Florence took the challenge very seriously so I thought it was fitting! When her nursery gave me the slip for homework I was a bit shocked... I thought it was a bit early to be doing work at home! But on a rainy day with nothing else to do, and my imagination lacking anything creative I was very thankful for the slip of paper that I had shoved to the bottom of my bag. 20140109-120042.jpg I raided the cupboards and all the high places that I hide anything that is messy, put it all on a tray and prepared the workspace for Florence to create her masterpiece. 20140109-115858.jpg After putting a big messy play mat beneath her and popping her apron on I placed the tray on the table along with some paper and watched Florence's imagination run wild with excitement. I don't think she could quite believe that I was letting her have free reign, usually I can't help but get involved... so with a few deep breaths I stepped back and let her get on. 20140109-115944.jpg I watched as she glued pasta to paper and was actually pretty impressed with the ideas that she came up with using all the mixed media I had given her! Obviously takes after her mummy ;) 20140109-120002.jpg It is great to see the different things she has learnt at nursery and see how different people have taught her different things. 20140109-120022.jpg Perfect for a rainy day activity, it looks like we will be having quite a few so I have left everything on the tray all ready for the next time it is needed. Have fun, let go and watch your little artists! It is amazing what they create

Daisy x

Good things in 2014


Good things in 2014 Happy New year everyone! Hope you have all recovered from the indulgences of December, I am now having a really healthy month - The thought of ever drinking again makes me want to jump under my duvet and hide. My Mum very kindly said she would have Florence so that me and Jon could go party... anyway, pretty less than fresh today! Florence and Oliver have done so many amazing things over 2013, it has been lovely to record everything we do in our blog so that we can share and look back at all the fun things we have got up to. 20140101-201851.jpg 2014 is a very exciting year for ABEILLE, we will be launching the first products in our baby range, Oliver and Florence will have lots more milestones to reach, and little baby Charlotte will add a new concept to our blog. Michelle is going to have so much material, I might have to have another baby to keep up! (only joking.... not just yet!) 20140101-201912.jpg Anyway... this year is going to be good! Someone showed me this great idea to save good thoughts. 20140101-201902.jpg This is also a way to keep positive and realise that if you are having a bad day, there is usually something that will put a smile on your face. So with a bit of a fuzzy head... My first positive thought was that I am excited about the year ahead... 20140101-205403.jpg I got a kilner jar, dressed it up with a bow and posted my first message. I am going to put things that Florence has done, Jon can post things also, and even friends and family. 20140101-205412.jpg It will be great if I can remember to post something every day, what I plan to do is take them out at the end of this year, read them and then make a picture by sticking them on a big piece of card and framing it.

It is the small things that make us happy,

Lots of love Daisy x

How to Dry Oranges for Christmas Decorations?


How to Dry Oranges for Christmas Decorations?

I absolutely love home-made decorations for Christmas. I searched online last year for the process how to dry out orange slices and here it is... 20131216-204728.jpg Using dried oranges to make decorations for the Christmas holidays is an easy process. Here are the steps to follow: Select fresh oranges that are firm and have good color. Wash the oranges with cold water and dry with clean cloth. Cut oranges into thin slices for faster drying time. Place the orange slices on a baking sheet in a single layer. Turn the oven to 100 deg. F. and place the sheet in the oven. Open the oven door about two inches to allow hot air to circulate around the oranges. Place a small fan in front of the oven, and turn it on. If your oven has its own internal fan, turn it on. Leave the oranges in the oven for 45 hrs. Turn the orange slices over every 4 to 5 mins for even drying. Check the oranges when near the 45-hr. mark. The drying process is done when the oranges are brittle. Turn the fan and the oven off. Remove the baking sheet from the oven, and let the orange slices cool. Place the orange slices into an airtight container until it is ready to be used. 20131216-204739.jpg I like to make holes in the dried orange and string them across the fireplace. Florence really enjoyed helping me so a great activity for toddlers too.

8 days to go...

Daisy x