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How to Dry Oranges for Christmas Decorations?


How to Dry Oranges for Christmas Decorations?

I absolutely love home-made decorations for Christmas. I searched online last year for the process how to dry out orange slices and here it is... 20131216-204728.jpg Using dried oranges to make decorations for the Christmas holidays is an easy process. Here are the steps to follow: Select fresh oranges that are firm and have good color. Wash the oranges with cold water and dry with clean cloth. Cut oranges into thin slices for faster drying time. Place the orange slices on a baking sheet in a single layer. Turn the oven to 100 deg. F. and place the sheet in the oven. Open the oven door about two inches to allow hot air to circulate around the oranges. Place a small fan in front of the oven, and turn it on. If your oven has its own internal fan, turn it on. Leave the oranges in the oven for 45 hrs. Turn the orange slices over every 4 to 5 mins for even drying. Check the oranges when near the 45-hr. mark. The drying process is done when the oranges are brittle. Turn the fan and the oven off. Remove the baking sheet from the oven, and let the orange slices cool. Place the orange slices into an airtight container until it is ready to be used. 20131216-204739.jpg I like to make holes in the dried orange and string them across the fireplace. Florence really enjoyed helping me so a great activity for toddlers too.

8 days to go...

Daisy x

Salt Dough Christmas hearts


Salt Dough Christmas hearts I found this great recipe on another blog and adapted it to what we needed. This is a perfect activity for young children, older children and even for us mums. 20131209-091726.jpg

It's just like working with play dough but you can keep your creations for decorating.
Ingredients... 2 Cups Plain Flour 1 Cup Salt 1 Cup Water20131205-172457.jpg Florence really enjoyed measuring out all the ingredients, it's the first time I have let her have the free reign with salt. Optional: food colouring - We added pink food colouring You can even press buttons, diamonds etc anything hard into the dough before baking.
Method... 1. Place the flour, salt and water in a large mixing bowl and mix to form a dough. Give it a little knead on the bench to pull altogether and make it smooth. 20131205-172522.jpg 2. Place between 2 sheets of baking paper and roll out until approx 3 mm thick. 20131205-172531.jpg 3. Use cookie cutters to make your desired shapes and using a skewer make a hole at the top. 20131205-172540.jpg 4. Place on a lined baking tray and bake in a 150 degree Celcius oven for 2-3 hours. 20131205-172551.jpg 5. Once they have cooled you can paint and decorate with glitter. I used glitter nail polish as it is a lot cleaner and gives them a nice shine. 6. Add some ribbon and you have beautiful handmade decorations or gifts to give to teachers and family. I have used ours for Christmas tree decorations and also to jazz up some special gifts. And with any left over dough (before it goes in the oven) you can put it in a jar for a gift or a treat for your little one for helping.

Florence and I had great fun making these little decorations, give it a go... if anything it is a lovely activity if you feel too cold to go out!

Daisy x

A family day out ice skating in Brighton


A family day out ice skating in BrightonJon had a day off and after a crazy week getting the Crabtree ready for Christmas we decided to have a nice family day out. Getting into the Christmas spirit we decided to head into town, do a bit of shopping and take Florence on the ice rink that has been set up in the grounds of the Royal Pavillion. 20131204-205634.jpg After reading the rules we headed over to collect our skates, Florence had cute attachable which were great for little ones. 20131204-205543.jpg Such a great location for an Ice Rink, the Pavillion is a beautiful back drop!! 20131204-205656.jpg Florence was given a penguin to balance with, great idea for slightly older children, Florence still needed help from Jon. 20131204-205613.jpg I think Daddy got a little uncomfortable but Florence loved it and we managed 5 laps before she stepped off the ice and firmly stated that she had enough and would come back later! 20131204-205623.jpg Without having Florence to stabilize Jon (after telling me he had never been ice skating before) whizzed off at high speed....little liar! 20131204-205647.jpg I on the other hand had to hold onto the side for most of my time around, although last lap I managed to go all the way hands free! 20131204-214148.jpg If you are looking for something fun to do over the Christmas period then head down to Brighton Royal Pavillion and get your skates on. 20131204-205552.jpg There is also a gorgeous cafe that you can go and warm up in after you have burnt some energy on the ice. You can book online or from the ticket booth outside.

Have fun Daisy x

Potty training Florence


Potty training Florence The time has arrived and the potty that has been sitting in our bathroom for 6 months is out and in use... Yes the potty has been used! Tip: Someone advised me months ago that if you buy the potty well in advance and keep it in the house for Your toddler to play with, sit on, put dolly's on, when the time comes to start the training she is not afraid of it. Good advise!

20130713-203311.jpg We bought this fantastic potty by 'Jahgoo' It is a 3 in 1 it is a potty Potty-ToiletSeat-StepStool This gorgeous and practical 3-in-1 bath room accessory is, first and foremost, an ergonomically designed potty. The reservoir is easy to remove for uncomplicated cleaning. The removable non-slip toilet seat fits perfectly on any toilet seat. The stool can be used as a foot rest when sitting on the big toilet, or as a stand-alone step stool. When the child is fully potty trained, the stable step stool turns into a handy tool for all those hard-to-reach places around the house as it holds both children and adults. It is also great because it is higher than basic potty's so easier to get onto for your little one. I am not going to lie, for the first ever trial I said that if she managed to go to the toilet successfully she could have a treat. A treat for Florence could range from a sweetie, a piece of dark chocolate (she prefers that to milk-takes after her JaJa) or even a toy that I know she has not played with for a while that I wrapped up!! It worked, I took off her nappy and said that if she needed to go to the toilet she had to use the potty. I was busy typing up a quick blog whilst she was busy doing some drawing and suddenly she started pointing and showing me that she had done a 'poo poo in the potty'. It was heart wrenching- she was so proud and I was too. I put a couple of dark chocolate drops in her hand and the deal was done. Since then the bribes are no longer needed, we have created a pretty good happy dance-for our eyes only, which is performed after each success. 20130713-203256.jpg Flossie Doing her happy dance, too cute not to share.

I have not attempted taking her out without a nappy on yet, I think I will wait until we get to the toilet stage.. Since then she has proudly shown me when she has had success with her potty training 20130713-203320.jpg

Good luck everyone I have shared my techniques, everyone has there own ways but hope this helps a little!

Daisy x