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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

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Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding Vest


Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding Vest: I've always been confident breast feeding in public as it's entirely natural; however recently have had a few embarrassing moments. Charlotte is teething and has decided to bob on & off the breast, sometimes screaming as it's clearly hurting. This not only attracts attention but the usual discreet muslin has been yanked down & left me entirely exposed not to mention embarrassed.20140404-205153.jpg Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding Vest, The first thing I noticed about the breastfeeding vest was how long it was, it's much longer then the long vest tops I had been using and I'm delighted to say it doesn't ride up. It feels really comfortable and much more luxurious then my staple coloured vest. I decided to try it out when feeding in public at Oliver's nursery egg hunt (which was full of parents and children) and I have to say it's very discreet. Particularly the top rounded section of the breast is covered so you don't have to fiddle around with Muslins and the opening is such that you don't have excess material to tuck in whilst feeding. I will certainly be ordering a few more as it not only gives me more privacy when feeding in public but also means I can wear a lot more of the clothes I had previously ruled out.

About feed me mummy The award winning Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding Vests are available in black or white. If you order a Black & White Combo you can save a few pounds! A simple design with no extra clips to fiddle with, just lift the flap with one hand for easy access. Keeps your post-pregnancy tummy covered as well as your chest for discreet nursing. Use over your nursing bra and under your normal clothes. You can still breastfeed in style! Perfect to wear on its own around the house and at night in the summer months. Or wear under your nightwear to keep warm for those chilly night feeds in the winter. Machine washable. 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra The design of the vest is such that the top and bottom sections do not overlap - they meet in the middle. The vest is not designed to be worn alone, but under your normal clothes. The bottom section should fit snugly under the bust.

The founder Marianne, came up with the Feed Me Mummy vest, a simple design, to wear under your normal clothes, which not only covers your post-pregnancy belly but also covers your chest while feeding so not to feel exposed at all. A 'must-have' for all breast feeding mummies and very affordable £15.99 each or £27.99 for 2.

Click here to buy

Happy shopping! Michelle x

The launch of Abeille's first product!


The launch of Abeille's first product! Sorry for the delay uploading this post, It has taken up until now for everything to sink in. On Saturday we packed our bags (all eight of them!!) and got on the road by 8am on our route to Harrogate. Michelle and I were launching the first product for our Abeille Baby range. The Harrogate International baby fair is the UK's premier nursery trade event attracting almost every manufacturer and supplier of baby goods in the UK.... hence why we are VERY excited!! 20140327-192118.jpg We didn't even have time to unpack after our five hour drive so headed straight to the fair. The product we are launching are Cellular blankets.... but these essential items are not the basic, bland, crispy pieces of material that you are told to buy on your baby list. These Cellular blankets are Simple - YES... Beautiful - YES... Essential - YES. We have taken a simple, essential blanket and transformed it by using a beautiful colour palet, increased the weight to make it bouncy and soft on your babies skin, (it is after all the only blanket you will be requiring for the first few months) and worked really hard on a very stylish logo so that you will be wanting ONLY an Abeille cellular blanket for your baby. 20140327-192127.jpg It was a last minute idea that we exhibit, we only found out about the show about a month before, so with an incredible amount of effort - or I should really say Blood, sweat and tears from myself, Michelle and our manufacturers, we were very proud of what we achieved. Our stand looked beautiful and ready to entice any buyer passing by! 20140327-192137.jpg Michelle's beautiful little girl Charlotte was our lucky mascot indeed. We got an incredible amount of interest/orders and were pretty overwhelmed by some of the buyers that came to speak to us. 20140327-192146.jpg The days were spent on our feet from 8am to 6pm, chatting to interested buyers and getting tips from our lovely friends on neighbouring stands. 20140327-192159.jpg The evenings were spent drinking wine and filling in the boys with the days events. I officially have the best BBP (Best business partner) EVER! 20140327-192225.jpg Daddy day care went pretty smoothly. The boys were an amazing support to us, we couldn't have done it without them. Thank you Ben and Jon for everything - Best daddies ever! 20140327-192237.jpg Although they did learn the hard way that a day full of treats had concequences.... 20140327-192248.jpg Now I have a long list of people to call and email, designs to work on and meetings to arrange!! I do not know where to start??? But watch this space because in 3 months time Abeille Cellular blankets will be hitting the shelves... you saw it here first!

Lots of love and excited dancing round the lounge...

Daisy xxxx

Nursing /feeding pillow


Nursing /feeding pillow: Nothing beats feeding your new born baby, I love taking time out from my usual busy day to have a cuddle & concentrate on Charlotte. Comfort is key, especially during the night feeds & I love my feeding pillow.20131209-204430.jpg I used one with Oliver & it's still pristine (as you can see in the picture below), although I was given this gorgeous new one which goes perfectly with the grey & pink colour scheme I have chosen for the nursery. 20131209-204501.jpg About the Widgey pillow The Widgey breast feeding pillow is a truly versatile baby buy – it's a strong and firm pilow, providing full support for your baby's back during feeding, unlike soft pillows which offer no support to baby's spine. The Widgey breast feeding pillow sits comfortably and securely around your waistline, so you don't need to keep adjusting it for comfort during feeding. 20131209-203450.jpg The Widgey breastfeeding pillow has multiple functions – you can use it while you're pregnant to support your back, or use it at night time to support your knees or bump whilst sleeping on your side. 20131209-204453.jpg As your little one gets older, you can also use the Widgey breastfeeding pillow as a nest, helping your baby learn to sit unaided whilst cushioning them if they do begin to topple over.

Buy one today from John Lewis 20131209-204508.jpg A real must have for new mummies.. Michelle X

A C-section, So far so good


A C-section, So far so good: I'm not afraid to admit I wasn't nervous at all about the c-section until the pre-op on the Friday before the procedure and then it suddenly hit me that it's quite a major operation & the nerves set in. After having a long & difficult labour and birth with Oliver I was confident it was the right thing to do but I was apprehensive of the procedure & the lengthy recovery.20131128-210421.jpg When we arrived at the hospital there where no delays, we had a chat with the midwives, received our gowns & we walked to theatre at around 9.00am. There was music playing in the background the staff where friendly & I was asked to hop up onto the bed to have the drip put in. I shut my eyes bracing for the pain but barely felt it, then I was warned of the cold spray on my back & the spinal block was administered, it wasn't half as bad as I expected. Quickly I was laid down as I started to feel numb, the theatre staff where friendly & reassuring as they tested I had no feeling & erected the screen.

I did have an adverse reaction to the spinal block, feeling very nauseas but the anaesthetist quickly discovered it was a tiny drop in blood pressure that was causing the reaction & gave me some medication to help. I did feel pressure during the procedure but at no time any discomfort. We where just discussing how I'd like Ben to tell me what sex the baby was when the midwife said, he won't have to, you can look yourself & I looked up to see a girl baby. Charlotte Elizabeth White arrived into the world at 9.44am. 20131128-210445.jpg Ben & I sobbed with happiness, before laughing as we hadn't actually looked at her face! It took a little while afterwards to finish the operation & I had a little skin on skin with Charlotte but Ben held her for the majority of the time as I was still feeling quite nauseas. My medication was adjusted again & the symptoms quickly subsided. Post-op I was enjoying tea & toast within the hour & the sensation started to return to my legs. I had Charlotte laying on me skin on skin & it was a wonderful calm hour with hubby & a few lovely midwives just cuddling my gorgeous baby girl whilst Ben called family & friends to share our exciting news.

I was moved onto an empty ward & within a few hours Oliver was in meeting his baby sister. He was very excited but very gentle, it was a very special moment watching him welcome her with a shower of kisses, thankfully a wonderful reaction. 20131128-210519.jpg The midwives had me out of bed before 6am the next morning & despite the horror stories I had heard there was no actual pain just a bit of discomfort. I was discharged on the Wednesday (op was Monday morning). When I arrived home the midwife did discover the start of an infection in the wound when the dressing came off but I'm glad to say we had antibiotics by the afternoon & decided to stay in bed for two days to be uber cautious & a few days later I was feeling much more comfortable.

I did keep up to date with the medication and feel like the recovery has progressed well. I'm desperate to pick Oliver up, run the Hoover around & drive but despite my impatience I have been resting, not lifted anything heavy & had a tremendous amount of help from my wonderful hubby & Mummy - Thank you SO much, I know I'm the worst patient! Michelle X

Christmas has come early to Cuckfield


Christmas has come early to Cuckfield It is weeks away from Christmas trees being put up and the groaning of decorations being put up FAR too early... But when there is shopping and champagne involved we can turn a blind eye. Early Christmas shopping seems to be quite popular these days. As soon as December arrives, who has time to pick presents when parties, school plays, decorating the Christmas tree and house, planning your Christmas lunch and seeing family members. I for one do not and I especially like going into a shop, browsing, and carefully picking out presents for people knowing that there has been thought behind each and every one. Last year I ended up doing everything last minute, buying half of it online and spending double the amount because it was all one big rush. This year I have promised myself that things will be different, so when I received an email from our lovely friend at Little Bud letting me know of this shopping event I got excited! THIS year I am going to be prepared, organised and stress free... Well as much as I can be with a toddler hanging my ankles!!

Christmas Shopping Preview in Cuckfield - The Boutique Village

Thursday 21st November from 4pm onwards

Join us on Thursday 21st November for a Christmas Shopping Preview Night

Storytelling at 4pm

The Lovely Charley from StoryBox will be joining us for a Storytelling session at Little Bud Maternity.  Please call 01444 414435 or e-mail hello@littlebudmaternity to book your space. Ideal for children from 6 month to 6 years - be ready to join the story circle and get stuck in - plenty of singing, instrument playing and group participation is involved and the children always LOVE it!  Please don't forget to book your space if you'd like to join us.

Late Night Shopping

We'll be open until 8pm and will have lots of special offers on for that night only so come and get your Christmas shopping started early. All Mama's-To-Be and New Mama's buying Maternity & Breastfeeding clothes will leave with a lovely goodie bag - spread the word and invite your friends. All those spending £100 or over will receive a £20 gift voucher to use on-line in January & February.Festivities Throughout The Village
Throughout the village there will be lots going on - enjoy Bubbles whilst you shop,  DJs & Dancing at NeilsonLive Jazz in the Flaneur Courtyard  and a wonderful Live Band - So Last Century - at The Talbot from 7pm so you end your evening with dinner and a drink or two whilst you listen to the tunes!  Bring your friends and join the fun.

Hope to see you all there for bubbles!!

Daisy x