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Mastitis, ouch!



Mastitis, ouch! The good news is that Charlotte is finally sleeping through again (Thank you Lucie for the pep talk), the bad news is that I became very engorged when Charlotte didn't wake up for a feed & didn't express & ended up getting mastitis, ouch! I first noticed a hard lump in my breast which I assumed was because of the engorgement but it became more & more painful as the days went by. I eventually popped to the doctors & a quick examination confirmed that I did have mastitis. The doctor prescribed a breastfeeding friendly antibiotic & advised me to continue feeding through the pain, which has luckily helped. I must admit I didn't expect to get mastitis 9 months into breast feeding but apparently it's quite common if your baby starts suddenly sleeping through.

I have found hot & cold compresses really soothing & someone recommended sleeping in Savoy cabbage leaves but I've been quite exhausted & haven't quite made it to the shops to get one yet. It's always advisable to see your doctor if you suspect you have mastitis or notice any lumps in your breast. I found some great information on the baby centre about mastitis which is well worth reading.

What is mastitis? Mastitis is an inflammation in your breast tissues. The inflammation may quickly become an infection, which means that bacteria grow in the inflamed tissues. You may notice that areas of your breasts are: red hard sore hot swollen

You may also feel a lump, called a blocked duct, though it isn’t caused by an actual blockage. It's the build-up of milk in your breast that causes the tissue to become inflamed.

If you have a blocked duct, the hard area on your breast will probably feel wedge-shaped because the duct, and its nearby ductules and alveoli, will have become inflamed.

You may also have flu-like symptoms, such as: chills a headache a temperature of more than 38.5 degrees C exhaustion

About one in 10 breastfeeding mums get mastitis, and some bottle-feeding mums do, too.

Having mastitis can be a miserable experience, but with the right approach, it can be cleared up quickly. It's usually only in one breast, but it's possible to have it in both breasts at the same time. Unfortunately, you can get mastitis more than once.

To read more about mastitis click this link: The baby centre

If you have any tips you would like to share I'd love to hear them! Thank you in advance, Michelle X


We LOVE Tennis!


We LOVE Tennis! About 2 months ago I started playing tennis at my health club 'Withdean'. I had many lessons growing up and was actually very good - before my interests in other things at the age of 16 (you know what I'm talking about!) brought an end to my playing. I now play 3 times a week, one being a cardio tennis session which you don't have to know how to play, is great fun and really gets you moving. On our last session the coach Tanya gave us each a pedometor to attach to ourselves and I was shocked to see that I had moved 4798 steps in 45 minutes! Anyway, I am so glad to be back in the game and do not intend getting distracted in any way again! Tanya coaches Diddy Tennis which starts age 3 so I was delighted to get Florence on the court to see what she could do. (Appologies for the dreadful photos, I was trying to be dicreet and get ONLY Florence in them). 20140712-193049-70249185.jpg Tanya is great with the little ones and one game which Florence loved the most was 'Walking the dog'. You have to guide the ball along with your racket and there are dog catchers (parents) who come along and try to steal the ball, at what point they have to squash the ball with their racket so you can't get it. 20140712-193049-70249345.jpg Florence was great and actually managed to hit some balls over the little net at the end of the lesson. 20140712-193049-70249510.jpg Even if they are no good at such a young age it is brilliant fun, active and low cost (£2.50).

Give it a go! Daisy x


My baby girl is 8 months today


My baby girl is 8 months today: My baby girl is 8 months today & I feel it's time for celebration as Charlotte really is finally SO happy. We had a difficult start with reflux & a dairy allergy, as you have probably read in the blog it was a very testing time for us all but especially my darling daughter who was just desperately unhappy & very uncomfortable.20140703-225855-82735125.jpg We are still dairy free & have been recommended to remain so until Charlotte is one. The reflux has significantly calmed since Charlotte started sitting up, although she is still taking daily medication. Charlotte did have a bariam scan & luckily only reflux was detected so are just waiting for her to hopefully outgrow the reflux. 20140703-225854-82734403.jpg Charlotte is now sitting up, trying to crawl although just currently shuffling backwards, clapping her hands & squawks along when we sing songs. Lottie is obsessed with her brother Oliver who can make her erupt with laughter just by jumping up & down, she loves our dog Oscar & is in complete awe of her Dadda & yes.... She spends ALL day saying it, Dadda, Dadda, Dadda!!! 20140703-225853-82733675.jpg I could say SO much more but will let these pictures speak for themselves. 20140703-225855-82735907.jpg I'm off for another giggly peekaboo game, Michelle X

Oliver has asthma


Oliver has asthma: I've been back & forth to the doctors countless times with Oliver over the last three years about his chest as he has always been wheezy & suffered with recurring chest infections. For the past 10 weeks Oliver hasn't been sleeping properly as he keeps waking up coughing & crying, it's making him grumpy in the day. I persisted with the doctors & after a third visit in 10 weeks they prescribed him an inhaler, to be administered twice a day. 20140618-192531-69931334.jpg I must admit I hate giving Oliver medication & was worried about the inhaler, the doctor said that we would really only know if the diagnosis was correct by Oliver's reaction to the medication. However last night was the first night in months that Oliver went to bed & didn't wake up coughing, in fact he didn't wake up until 8.20, which I'm pretty sure is the latest he has ever slept.

I'm hoping asthma is something Oliver will grow out of but for now I'm just happy that he can run around with his friends again without being 'a bit worn out' as Oliver puts it. The doctor did suggest that Oliver's asthma may be linked to a pollen allergy as we seem to always have issues at this time of year, so we will be looking into this but I will keep you posted...

If you suspect your child has asthma or would like to read more medical information please click NHS direct link

Oliver has only just been diagnosed so if you have any tips I'd love to hear them, Thank you in advance, Michelle X