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Grandpa's birthday


Grandpa's birthday Last week was my lovely Dad's birthday. Florence calls him Bampa and now that she is a bit older and not ALL about Jaja (my mum) anymore, they have so much fun together. Since his knee operation a few months ago he is now kind of able to roll down hills and run around being 'horsey'. 20140706-200750-72470826.jpg I am sure Dad enjoys it as much as she does....... 20140707-204105-74465025.jpg For his birthday we had a gorgeous lunch at South lodge, they have a great set menu by the wonderful Steven from master chef, two courses for £18 - bargain! 20140707-204942-74982680.jpg The goats cheese granola was delicious! 20140706-200750-72470435.jpg From countryside to seaside we then headed down to the beach for a bottle of wine with the last of the rays. Perfect day for a very deserving daddy! 20140706-200750-72470617.jpg Happy birthday to all the lovely daddies that have had birthdays this month!

Daisy x

Another sunny Brighton day


Another sunny Brighton day I am currently looking at moving out to the country. One of the great things about Brighton is that when the sun shines, you feel like you are on holiday! So a few weeks ago the sun shone and we head out with a picnic down to the seafront. Florence loves being outdoors wherever we are, it is perfect for an energetic toddler. Lots of space to run around and free! 20140527-150801-54481555.jpg We are very lucky that most of our friends are child friendly... trust me some are not. So Florence had a great time chatting to everyone on the beach and playing with passing children. 20140527-150801-54481179.jpg We always go down to Morrocco's in Hove which is quieter than Brighton and Florence loves the ice cream there. 20140527-150801-54481008.jpg Jon introduced her to this VERY colourful Bubblegum ice cream........... luckily we only go every so often! 20140527-150801-54481361.jpg Lets hope for many more sunny days like this, I am enjoying the easy bedtimes because Flossie has been running around all day!

Daisy x


Aye aye captain!


Aye aye captain! We were on our way down to the park at Hove lagoon when we spotted a pirates ship in the middle of the smallest lagoon! Florence is a huge fan of pirates at the moment (alongside fairies, princess's, cats, dogs and all things that sparkle!), so we decided to park up and head down to take a closer look. 20140424-131053.jpg On closer inspection we noticed that people were floating around in pedalos and straight away Florence wanted to have a go. So we paid £3 per adult for 20 minutes which I thought was very reasonable and jumped onto the pedalo... Mummy and daddy pedaling and Florence the Captain steering in the middle. Needless to say we went round in circles for about 2 minutes before we took over! 20140424-131019.jpg We managed to arrive in the middle without capsizing which was greatly appreciated by me. Very happy Floss was in the boat because in the past Jon has taken much delight in turning over the boat. 20140424-131027.jpg Apparently she was Captain hook, although I think she looks far too pretty to be a pirate! 20140424-131003.jpg We told Floss that this was a real man hanging down tring not to be eaten by the shark which she loved. Understandable that she would believe anything we say because she is only 2. My sister on the other hand who is 22 believed us also.......... 20140424-131039.jpg Afterwards when we were back on dry land Flossie got given a mask and was very pleased with herself. 20140424-130945.jpg When we got into the car she chatted excitedly all the way home, amazing how the inexpensive out ways big events that you plan. 20140424-131101.jpg Go and check it out, Hove Lagoon, Kingsway, Hove, East Sussex BN3 4LX

Enjoy the sun

Daisy x

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