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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

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A sneak peek of Abeille's cellular blankets



We are delighted to share a sneak peek of Abeille's cellular blankets. Daisy & our official Abeille photographer Alan Wright worked really hard this week on a location photoshoot at the gorgeous pure white lines in Horsham. We can't wait to share the finished result... along with our new website, exciting times!!! Abeille cellular blankets are not the basic, bland, crispy pieces of material that you are told to buy on your baby list. Abeille cellular blankets are Simple – YES… Beautiful – YES… Essential – YES. We have taken a simple, essential blanket and transformed it by using a beautiful colour palette, by increasing the size to make it bigger and by increasing the weight to make it bouncy and soft on your baby's skin. The first blanket you use for your newborn is treasured forever. The ABEILLE mummies have created the perfect layer & we know you will love them just as much as we do.... Michelle X

Date night with the hubby!


Date night with the hubby! It is really important when you have children to make time for each other. Jon and I are always doing something, but rarely sitting down for a meal and a chat with friends... minus a toddler! So when our good friends Zoe and Adam suggested going out for a meal as our Christmas presents to each other we jumped at the chance. All the time that we have had the Crabtree inn in Lower beeding we have been meaning to visit the award winning restaurant 'The Pass' in the gorgeous South Lodge hotel. 20140125-204259.jpg The service is wonderful from the moment you step through the entrance. We were greeted and taken through to the bar for a pre-meal cocktail. 20140125-204318.jpg You can see both kitchens for the 'Pass' and the 'Camelia' which is another restaurant in South Lodge. In most restaurants I hate seeing the kitchen but this is a completely different experience. 20140125-204338.jpg We chose the 8 course tasting menu which does not come cheap at £75 but being the foodies that we are we were happy to splash out for a special occasion. 20140125-204348.jpg It is like watching an operation when the chefs plate up each meal... the attention to detail is so precise. After our 8 courses, 3 bottles of wine, 2 rounds of my favourite dessert wine from Monbazillac, we got the bill and waddled our way round to the bar for one last cocktail. Usually on a night out me and Jon want to make the most of it and party the night away but we were so full and completely indulged, and after a wonderful evening with great friends we headed home and straight to sleep. Jon and I both woke up feeling pleasantly refreshed and after 9 hours of pure solid sleep we were ready to get our girl back. With two big dates coming up, Valentines day 14th Feb and Mothers day 30th March! It is the perfect place to treat a loved one. Book in advance though as it is very popular.

Daisy x

Product love - Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream


Product love - Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream I do like to share a bit of product love, especially when I spend hours sampling my way round the shops! So at least you can save the time and just go buy it!

It is so light, not greasy, and great for sensitive skin! I am off to the gym most days and this ULTRA moisturising, ULTRA light cream stops my pores getting clogged up. 20140122-202036.jpg Here is the Product description... Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is our iconic light-textured, up to 24-hour moisturizer that helps to retain moisture within the skin, leaving skin feeling comfortable and well-balanced. Cool Kiehl’s Fact: Through Ultra Facial Cream, Kiehl’s was honored to lend support and protection from the elements to the heroic team of the “Greenland First Ascent” expedition. The six explorers completed the first-ever ascent of Greenland’s ice covered peaks on May 30th 2005.

Florence has got me jumping through hoops at the moment... not really sure when and why this has happened but its all a bit of a blur!!

You can buy it here for £24.00 - A good mid range price for the well deserving mummy. With Valentines day coming up it is also the perfect gift... pop out to the shops lovely Daddies!

Daisy x