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Flossie's (my) favourite outfit this summer


Flossie's (my) favourite outfit this summer Once again Flossie's gorgeous God mother and my best friend - Miss Becky Uden bought Florence a very beautiful outfit for her birthday. There is a lovely boutique shop near where she lives in London called 'I Love gorgeous' and it is probably a good thing that it is not near me because I would buy the shop out! 20140712-192928-70168107.jpg The clothes all come with matching accessories and all the fabrics used are such lovely quality. Perfect for special occasions or a gift for someone that you love ALOT!

Happy shopping Mummies... close your eyes daddies!!

Daisy x


Grandpa's birthday


Grandpa's birthday Last week was my lovely Dad's birthday. Florence calls him Bampa and now that she is a bit older and not ALL about Jaja (my mum) anymore, they have so much fun together. Since his knee operation a few months ago he is now kind of able to roll down hills and run around being 'horsey'. 20140706-200750-72470826.jpg I am sure Dad enjoys it as much as she does....... 20140707-204105-74465025.jpg For his birthday we had a gorgeous lunch at South lodge, they have a great set menu by the wonderful Steven from master chef, two courses for £18 - bargain! 20140707-204942-74982680.jpg The goats cheese granola was delicious! 20140706-200750-72470435.jpg From countryside to seaside we then headed down to the beach for a bottle of wine with the last of the rays. Perfect day for a very deserving daddy! 20140706-200750-72470617.jpg Happy birthday to all the lovely daddies that have had birthdays this month!

Daisy x

Toddler Construction themed party


Toddler Construction themed party: I once again opted for the easy birthday party for Oliver's 3rd birthday celebration. We had the party mid-week (as I was too late booking for the weekend) at the soft play centre but decided to have a new theme so that it wasn't quite the same as last year. Oliver is currently obsessed with all things construction & we found a great digger cake, so theme agreed!20140701-213926-77966426.jpg The digger cake was from the fabulous Marks & Spencer (order in advance & collect in store), I have it on good authority that it tasted as good as it looked as sadly it wasn't dairy free so I couldn't taste it. 20140701-213252-77572787.jpg Oliver has just started to enjoy dressing up, so for party favours we decided to buy fluorescent high visibility jackets for the children, a construction hat & give everyone a personalised chocolate biscuit in a bucket instead of a bag. 20140701-213252-77572119.jpg I have to say the children looked great & the jackets could be used to walk home in the winter as we bought them from professional company (they aren't just a toy). 20140701-213250-77570598.jpg Construction party Cake - £40 personalised Jackets - £2.04 per jacket Buckets - £1 each - My hubby Ben bought these on Brighton beach (& haggled from £1.50) Chocolate wrappers - £1.95 for 12 wrappers (you have to buy the kit kat's) Hats - £9.59 (12 pack + £2.39 delivery) 20140701-213251-77571319.jpg I used a few mini traffic cones to decorate the cake table & found some fabulous ideas on pinterest such as using dumper trucks to fill with sweets. 20140701-221723-80243663.jpg I have created a pinterest board if you are looking for other ideas. Michelle X

Flossie's Birthday party


Flossie's Birthday party Florence had her Birthday party at The Crabtree this year because I wanted to one big party for her rather than friends/family on seperate days. My garden can fit about four people in it, and that is not even mentioning the bouncy castle... THAT would not fit in at all! 20140625-170029-61229607.jpg The children loved the bouncy castle, we ordered one with a slide which kept them busy for about 4 hours... the company we used was Speedy inflatables who were wonderful. They also don't charge if it rains on the day but we were lucky with brilliant sunshine!! 20140625-170029-61229785.jpg My Sister Mollie and her lovely boyfriend James made Flossie's cake which was delicious - apparently! All gone before I got to it. 20140625-170029-61229438.jpg Florence had a wonderful time with all her little friends and I am pretty certain they all slept well that day! 20140625-170029-61229247.jpg I made teapots of pimms for the adults and jugs of squash for the children. 20140625-170030-61230336.jpg It was great being somewhere that has something for all ages, Florence has a wide variety of friends all with different age groups. 20140625-170029-61229971.jpg The girls really enjoyed the tyre swing, when the boys let them on! I kept toys to a minimum, the less to argue over the better. 20140625-170030-61230154.jpg Instead of party bags I got bubbles for everyone. Perfect for any age group, the same for everyone and I bought these out near the end of the party so that they could play with them all together.

Florence had a wonderful day, Thank you so much to everyone who came. Daisy & Florence xx

My baby boy is 3


My baby boy is 3: Where does the time go, I honestly can't believe my baby boy is 3. Oliver has taught me to see the fun in the simplest things such as road works, it's amazing how many different types of diggers & cranes there are. I love seeing the world through my sons eyes, it's given me a whole new perspective & appreciation for all types of construction vehicle & I can't pass a tractor without shouting 'Tractor' (even when he's not with me). 20140627-235946-86386576.jpg Oliver is my first child so I feel like we have been on a journey of discovery together & as much as I guide him through his childhood, he's helping to teach me to become a mummy. I don't always get it right & I won't lie, it's not always easy but despite the odd tantrum (usually in a Waitrose) I have had a fabulous three years with my little man & enjoyed almost every minute.

20140628-000936-576925.jpg I love our playtime, our dancing in the kitchen & our hot-dates, I love being Oliver's buddy but my favourite time of all is the big squeeze cuddles at bed time that make my heart skip a beat. As I tell Oliver every night just before he goes to sleep, 'You make me proud every day'! Michelle X