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Trade show preparations!!

Abeille UK

We are very excited about the weekend ahead. Michelle and I are hitting the road, off to the trade show at Harrogate. If anyone is in the baby industry and will also be exhibiting or buying, pop along and see us for refreshments and sweet treats at stand HP121. After a very busy and successful start to the year we are now established in the UK and ready to get back into the blogging to tell you all about it!

Keep posted,

Daisy & Michelle x


Oliver's starting preschool


Oliver's starting preschool: I can no longer ignore that fact that Oliver is ready for that next step, preschool here we come! Oliver is starting preschool today & although I am quite apprehensive about leaving Oliver & trusting my precious little boy in the care of someone other then a family member he is more then ready. 20140225-213256.jpg I looked at pre-schools before Charlotte came along & although I was advised to start Oliver before the baby arrived I was determined to have the baptism of fire & learn to cope with two. I have survived relatively unscathed & am happy that Oliver is comfortable with the arrival of his baby sister, the time is right.

I'm quite lucky as the preschool we have chosen for Oliver allows parents to stay with the children for the entire session if required, although I have had a chat with Oliver & I'm quite sure he will tell me when he's ready, as he did when we pulled up at Nanna's house last week. He said "Mummy can you go home so I can be with Nanna'! I was a little shocked but also a little proud.

I found this great article about preparing for preschool & below are some tips for the first day, I will certainly be using them...

On the first day Allow plenty of time. The chances are, your child won't be prepared for you to just drop him off & leave on the first day, so be prepared to hang around until he's settled. You'll probably be feeling just as anxious & emotional as they are, but try to stay cheery & confident - children pick up on your feelings of apprehension. Explain to your child when you'll be back - don't fob him off with fibs such as "Mummy's just going to move the car" when you make your exit. Tell him you'll be back after lunch/drink & biscuit time/story time. Leave your contact number with staff in case they need to call you. If your child cries & won't let you leave, ask staff for advice. In most cases they'll ask you to stay for a while with your child in the early days. When you've said your goodbyes, try not to worry. If there is a problem, you'll be contacted, but in most cases your child will be enjoying their exciting new experience.

Wish me luck, I need to be brave! Michelle X

Pregnancy Planner App


Pregnancy Planner App - A Wonderful Phone App for parents to-be, with fun & informative updates about your babies weekly development which can easily be shared with friends, Facebook or Twitter at the press of a button. Those of you that know me will know that planning is my thing, I love to be organised & to plan ahead where I can. I was asked to review this Pregnancy Planner phone App & I love it...Pregnancy Planner App Calendar Count down: How many seconds, minutes, hours & days before your due date.. Weekly Update The baby: A fun but informative update all about the babies growth & development for the week. You: A helpful & numerous guide preparing you for the all important next stage, I loved the tip about needing a glass of milk before bed in week 28, the cramp has been driving me mad at night. Baby Names - Boy Baby Names The App has a great selection of boys and girls names plus the option to add your own, they are stored in two lists one for boys & girls. Easy to add, edit & delete. Baby Names - Girls Hubby and I have been debating the names for a good few months now, since he decided to tell my mums new man that our boys name was the same as his dogs, not quite sure I've forgiven him yet.. But we have now got a few names in the running that we are happy with. Tips... Tips & Questions Pregnancy tips tailored for pregnancy on Sport, Sex, Nutrition, Travel & more.. Pregnancy Checklist Best Feature The best feature is the checklist (located in Tips & Questions), specific categories such as Nursery items, Breast-feeding supplies, Bottle feeding supplies, hospital bag etc with all of the things you need to buy & pack for your new baby & mummy. Plus the option to add your own items to the list that aren't already pre-programmed. You can then share this list with your other half/ family or friends.. It's worth buying the App for this checklist alone!

Buy this App for your smart phone today, Pregnancy Planner. Happy Pregnancy, Michelle X