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Free baby rhyme time


Free baby rhyme time: If anyone told me I would be frequenting free singing groups in my local library before I had children I would have laughed with disbelieve...20140605-211811-76691559.jpg I met a new yummy mummy last week who was venturing out with her new born for the first time since daddy had returned to work. I was admiring her gorgeous little baby when the mummy became quite upset, the first outing alone is I'm sure you will agree a daunting experience. 20140605-211814-76694181.jpg This lovely mummy was asking if I knew of any good places to take babies & meet other new parents, I recommended local library rhyme time & local village hall/ church hall groups which I'll be honest is the last place I ever thought I would be recommending! But in all honesty these groups are filled with other new parents & it's great to meet people with similar aged children. 20140605-211812-76692556.jpg Oliver loved rhyme time & now it's an activity I enjoy with Charlotte, when Oliver is at pre-school. Rhyme time is free fun & available at most local libraries. The sessions are short, usually about 20 minutes, toys & cushions are arranged around the room & the songs words are displayed on a big board, so you don't even need to know a nursery rhyme. 20140605-211813-76693313.jpg For more information about your local Rhyme time see the West Sussex 'What's on'.

Happy singing, Michelle X

Toddler library/ book corner:


Toddler library/ book corner: Oliver loves books & I often found him in the nursery snuggled into the gliding chair with a book. I decided an important feature of Oliver's room was a book corner/ toddler library. Pinterest is a fabulous way to get idea's, you type in the key words & are quickly presented with lots of gorgeous pictures and ideas. A few people recommended using an ikea picture ledge as a forward facing book shelf, so you can see the book fronts.

20130928-203311.jpg The picture ledge comes in two lengths, Oliver's room has a nice little corner so we bought the smaller shelves. We decided to pop a table & chairs under the book shelves so that Oliver has an area to read, play with stickers & be creative!

20130928-203358.jpg Equipment 1-2 handy hunks 6 RIBBA - Picture ledge £5.50 (Article No: 201.260.65 Length: 55 cm/Depth: 9) Screws Raw plugs Drill Spirit level Decorators chalk (which is a flexible filler you can buy in a hardware store)

Method We decided that three shelves would be enough (2 cut at a 45 degree angle & joined together) and it also means that they were not to high so Oliver could still reach them. Hubby is usually very hands on with DIY but knowing how I wanted Oliver's new room to be absolutely perfect he asked Jon, Daisy's wonderful hubby (a carpenter) to cut the 45 degree corners on the shelves so they fitted the corner of the wall just right - Thank you Jon!

Once the corners were cut it was just a case of making sure that the shelves were evenly spaced, could fit even the tallest of Oliver's books and that they were level (spirit level time)

A few drilled holes later, a few raw plugs and screws and hey presto 3 book shelves were neatly fitted to the newly named book corner. TIP: to get an even finish on the shelves use decorators chalk between the shelf joins, you won't even notice it once it's dry!

20130928-203445.jpg We are delighted with the book corner & love finding Oliver sitting at the table reading his books, it makes it all worth while. Well done hubby! Michelle X