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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

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Celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary at South Lodge



Celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary at South Lodge: Our anniversary breakfast may have been coffee & toast watching Disney Cars at 8.00am but after dropping the children off to auntie Lisa & uncle Michael we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary (18 years together) with lunch at the beautiful South Lodge hotel. Upon arrival Ben ordered two ice cold glasses of Perrier Jouet Champage which we enjoyed looking out at the beautiful views from the terrace whilst reading the menu. We decided to try The Camellia restaurant, The Sunday lunch menu is £29.50 & even as a dairy free diner I really was given a lovely choice of dishes, which to be honest doesn't happen in many places. Our meal was faultlessly delicious, beautifully presented & made even more special when the head chef Steven Edwards (who had recently won MasterChef: The Professional 2013), popped out to say happy anniversary & serve us our main course. The staff were very lovely, attentive & also very accommodating when we wanted to take our coffees on to the lawn & soak up the sun rays on the deck chairs, we really had the perfect day! I don't often get much time alone with my hubby during the day as we are so busy with the children, but I have to say it really was fabulous to have some special time for us. A special thank you to my sister & Michael for looking after the Children & to our gorgeous friends Will & Cherry who bought me a South Lodge voucher for my birthday, we had a wonderful time! Michelle X

No crispy blanket for MY new born baby!


No crispy blanket for MY new born baby! As a new mummy to be I was very excited to go shopping & purchase all of the gorgeous things on my 'essential baby list' it was such an exciting day, Ben drove me straight from my 20 week scan to a well known department store & we 'Oh'd & Ah'd' at all of the cute little clothes & beautiful toys, that is until we reached the Cellular blankets....


I searched for a sales assistant & queried if I'd selected the right item, it said on the top of my personally researched list 'Cellular blanket' but all I could find on the shelves were pastel crispy blankets with holes in them? The sales assistant kindly confirmed that they were in fact the right blankets & reiterated the small holes in them keep your baby warm, without the danger of them overheating. I'm a very conscious of safety for babies & reluctantly purchased a few packets of the crispy blankets for my bulging bump but wasn't happy...

When we arrived home I decided to ask lots of mummies about the Cellular blankets & they all agreed that these blankets were a very necessary item, but let's be honest they are not pretty! 6 months after having Oliver I was still unhappy about the blanket I used daily & luckily Daisy agreed that the cellular blanket really was due a revamp & the first product in our baby range agreed!

Abeille Cellular blankets are not the basic, bland, crispy pieces of material that you are told to buy on your baby list. Abeille Cellular blankets are Simple – YES… Beautiful – YES… Essential – YES. We have taken a simple, essential blanket and transformed it by using a beautiful colour pallet, increased the weight to make it bouncy and soft on your babies skin. We can't wait to share them with you, No more crispy blankets for newborn babies! Essential items do not have to be basic, the ABEILLE mummies have created the perfect layer!!! Michelle X 20140711-215037-78637862.jpg

My baby boy is 3


My baby boy is 3: Where does the time go, I honestly can't believe my baby boy is 3. Oliver has taught me to see the fun in the simplest things such as road works, it's amazing how many different types of diggers & cranes there are. I love seeing the world through my sons eyes, it's given me a whole new perspective & appreciation for all types of construction vehicle & I can't pass a tractor without shouting 'Tractor' (even when he's not with me). 20140627-235946-86386576.jpg Oliver is my first child so I feel like we have been on a journey of discovery together & as much as I guide him through his childhood, he's helping to teach me to become a mummy. I don't always get it right & I won't lie, it's not always easy but despite the odd tantrum (usually in a Waitrose) I have had a fabulous three years with my little man & enjoyed almost every minute.

20140628-000936-576925.jpg I love our playtime, our dancing in the kitchen & our hot-dates, I love being Oliver's buddy but my favourite time of all is the big squeeze cuddles at bed time that make my heart skip a beat. As I tell Oliver every night just before he goes to sleep, 'You make me proud every day'! Michelle X

Precious memories treasured forever


Precious memories treasured forever: My baby girl Charlotte is going to be 6 months old on Sunday & I honestly don't know where the time has gone. I adore having a newborn baby, hazy sleepy days & lots of time to cuddle, but let's be honest you blink & it is over. Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-02

I'm so delighted we took some time to have these gorgeous pictures with Alan as our precious memories can be enjoyed forever!

Alan has a natural affinity with children & is so calm & gentle. The day was fun, relaxing & we are truly delighted with the pictures. Here’s a snap shot of Alan’s blog post from Charlotte's shoot.

Adorable baby girl – Alan Wright Photography

I love this family and have been capturing their portraits since 2011 when two became three with the arrival of their son. Last year they got in touch with some fab news that three was becoming four and we captured mums beautiful bump. Now they are a family of four with a gorgeous baby girl.

It was great to catch up at the session and she was a dream to photograph plus big brother got in on the action too!

Enjoy the selection.

~ Alan

Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-09 Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-08 Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-07 Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-06 Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-10 Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-05 Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-04 Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-03 Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-02 Sussex-Newborn-Baby-Photography-01

Newborns are best photographed within two weeks of arrival. So if you’re expecting now it’s a good time to consider booking in a session. Generally when newborns reach two weeks old they become much less sleepy and more alert which can in turn make them harder to pose.

If you would like Alan to capture your precious first days Click here or call Alan at the studio on 01403 262808 – Michelle X

ABEILLE BANNER - coming soon



Crabbing - When my sister invited us to Littlehampton for a days crabbing I must admit I imagined using a net to scoop up crabs in rock pools, I never thought you could actually fish for them off of a pier, it's great fun & Oliver loved it!20140423-202059.jpg I got chatting to a few locals who recommended a local Fish & Chip shop, which was great even though it took an hour (loooooong queue). Once we had finished our Fish & Chips picnic on the grass we moved to the pier. 20140423-202524.jpg We bought a few crab lines, a few nets, some smoked bacon for bait & a bucket. 20140423-202116.jpg Ben & my sister Lisa cast the lines close to the pier in to some rocks & then we waited but not for long... The children were far too excited. 20140423-202322.jpg I highly recommend bringing a see through bucket so that you can watch the crabs once you've caught them. 20140423-202333.jpg The pier was busy with lots of people crabbing & everyone was really friendly, giving advise & happy to show off their catch. The equipment was under £10 but I've since seen it cheaper, so if you are thinking of going maybe buy the kit in advance to save a few pounds. 20140423-202127.jpg We finished off the day by letting the boys have a few rides in the theme park & have to say it was a fabulous day, even though a bit chilli... Michelle X 20140423-202108.jpg Learn more information about Littlehampton: