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Keeping cool in the summer


Keeping cool in the summer: I just adore this hot weather, sunshine all day & we can spend so much time out doors but let's be honest the children can get grumpy if they get too hot.20140723-232114-84074810.jpg Plenty of sun cream & ditch the clothes: In this weather I think clothes can be too hot so I tend to slather on the factor 50 suncream & let the children enjoy the cool breeze. 20140723-232114-84074033.jpg Sun hat is a must: you can't beat a good sun hat to protect precious little faces, I bought this one from my favourite shop - Jojo maman bebe 20140723-232115-84075508.jpg Good nights sleep: Keeping the children's bedrooms cool is key, so early afternoon I close the blinds & shutters upstairs in preparation for bedtime & if its really hot I pop a bowl of iced water in front of a fan & shut the door (it works like air conditioning).

Alfresco bath: I've starting using my small inflatable bath again in the evenings & wanted to re-share my post as a reminder of a fun & easy way to bath the children & keep them entertained - Alfresco bath

Keeping cool at bedtime: Daisy also shared a great post with tips for keeping cool at bedtime - Keeping cool at bedtime

Now the summer holidays have arrived I will share lots of fun free activities to do with children in this beautiful hot weather, so stay tuned for some fresh ideas… Michelle X

A hot date with my boy


A hot date with my boy: A hot date with my boy, this means Mummy & Oliver time, a special treat for Oliver (usually a cake or biscuit) & some time for us to have a proper chat out of the house. Yesterday Charlotte had a meeting with the dietician & I knew this would involve lots of patience from Oliver in hospital so promised him a very special milkshake afterwards. 20140718-212216-76936265.jpg We found Shakeaway in the Brighton lanes & to Oliver's absolute joy they made a Freddo milkshake, I have to admit I would never normally let him have a milkshake, trust me when I say he's naturally full of beans & does not need any additional energy bursts but he had been exceptionally fabulous so a very special treat was needed.

20140718-212217-76937010.jpg Oliver was in absolute heaven with his Freddo milkshake, he sat very quietly with a huge grin on his face the entire time. Shakeaway was very clean & the wonderful staff were very helpful, friendly & kept us entertained with great music & the odd little jig. The staff were happy to heat up Charlottes lunch & I have to admit I will be returning, they even have soya milk for those of you that are dairy free.

20140718-212219-76939103.jpg Oliver's was SO happy & his smile was worth the additional burst of energy, it kept us scooting along through the lanes whilst mummy nipped into infinity foods for some dairy free treats. We finished off the day meeting up with Daddy after work for fish & chips on the beach & a paddle in the water, perfect! Michelle X

Salad Dinosaur


Salad dinosaur: Oliver has a new found enthusiasm for trying new things which I have to credit to his pre-school, I really do think watching the other children eat fruit has helped him want to try things too. We often have quiet time after school days & I let Oliver watch some television, he loves Peppa pig & asked me to make him a salad dinosaur after George had one made for him by Granny & Grandpa pig, music to my ears!20140429-212046.jpgOliver & I had great fun making the salad dinosaur, we just made it up as we went along & he happily tried the lettuce, tomato & cucumber. I wish I could say he loved them but in all honesty he just spat them out, not quite the miracle I was hoping for but I'm celebrating the new found enthusiasm for trying things & am delighted that rice, cous cous & sweetcorn have been new successes..... I will continue to try Oliver with new foods & owe a big thank you to Daisy for suggesting we try serving all food from the middle of the table, Oliver loves serving himself & is much more likely to try new things, even fruit, he's enjoying bananas & apples too now... Michelle X

Toddler Construction themed party


Toddler Construction themed party: I once again opted for the easy birthday party for Oliver's 3rd birthday celebration. We had the party mid-week (as I was too late booking for the weekend) at the soft play centre but decided to have a new theme so that it wasn't quite the same as last year. Oliver is currently obsessed with all things construction & we found a great digger cake, so theme agreed!20140701-213926-77966426.jpg The digger cake was from the fabulous Marks & Spencer (order in advance & collect in store), I have it on good authority that it tasted as good as it looked as sadly it wasn't dairy free so I couldn't taste it. 20140701-213252-77572787.jpg Oliver has just started to enjoy dressing up, so for party favours we decided to buy fluorescent high visibility jackets for the children, a construction hat & give everyone a personalised chocolate biscuit in a bucket instead of a bag. 20140701-213252-77572119.jpg I have to say the children looked great & the jackets could be used to walk home in the winter as we bought them from professional company (they aren't just a toy). 20140701-213250-77570598.jpg Construction party Cake - £40 personalised Jackets - £2.04 per jacket Buckets - £1 each - My hubby Ben bought these on Brighton beach (& haggled from £1.50) Chocolate wrappers - £1.95 for 12 wrappers (you have to buy the kit kat's) Hats - £9.59 (12 pack + £2.39 delivery) 20140701-213251-77571319.jpg I used a few mini traffic cones to decorate the cake table & found some fabulous ideas on pinterest such as using dumper trucks to fill with sweets. 20140701-221723-80243663.jpg I have created a pinterest board if you are looking for other ideas. Michelle X

My baby boy is 3


My baby boy is 3: Where does the time go, I honestly can't believe my baby boy is 3. Oliver has taught me to see the fun in the simplest things such as road works, it's amazing how many different types of diggers & cranes there are. I love seeing the world through my sons eyes, it's given me a whole new perspective & appreciation for all types of construction vehicle & I can't pass a tractor without shouting 'Tractor' (even when he's not with me). 20140627-235946-86386576.jpg Oliver is my first child so I feel like we have been on a journey of discovery together & as much as I guide him through his childhood, he's helping to teach me to become a mummy. I don't always get it right & I won't lie, it's not always easy but despite the odd tantrum (usually in a Waitrose) I have had a fabulous three years with my little man & enjoyed almost every minute.

20140628-000936-576925.jpg I love our playtime, our dancing in the kitchen & our hot-dates, I love being Oliver's buddy but my favourite time of all is the big squeeze cuddles at bed time that make my heart skip a beat. As I tell Oliver every night just before he goes to sleep, 'You make me proud every day'! Michelle X