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Sucup, The perfect portable feeding aid


Sucup, The perfect portable feeding aid: The Sucup is truly wonderful, you can prepare your meal at home, transport it securely, heat it (if needed) & then feed your child with ease & minimum mess. I have been weaning Charlotte, baby-led & use Sucup most days as I'm often out & about at an activity with my older son Oliver, I love it!20140523-073455.jpg About The Sucup The Sucup comes in 6 easy to assemble parts A - Piston B- Lid C - Straw D - Mouthpiece E - Cup F - Cap (lid) 20140523-073512.jpg Assembly Instructions Take the piston 'A' & insert into lid 'B' turning both to lock Push straw 'C' into the piston Push the smaller end of the mouthpiece 'D' onto the top of the straw 'C' Fill cup 'E' with food taking care not to exceed the max line Clip the lid onto the filled cup 'E' For travel push cap 'F' over the top of straw 'C' & clip onto lid 'B'

To use Line up locators to unlock & use The Sucup may be prepared for first time use by pushing down gently on the straw until the food rises to the top

The Sucup is available in two sizes, taking you from baby to toddler. The design encourages self feeding & makes feeding healthy home prepared foods a breeze on the go. 20140523-073503.jpg Sucup Teeny-Weany® Allows the transition onto solids to be an enjoyable & stress-free experience. Because it is cleaner to use it is ideal for use when out & about. Cleaner to use than pouches - no need to worry about accidental squeezing.

Sucup Toddler® Your increasingly independent child will love Sucup Toddler & so will you! It's larger 150ml capacity & has the ability to take textured, lumpier food make it a 'must have' in every home with young children. As your child becomes more grown-up Sucup Toddler can be used without the mouth-piece.

I love the Sucup & can't recommend it enough, as a great advocate of home prepared meals it saves me a great deal of time & energy as I don't have to take out half of the usual equipment & it is much less washing-up. Sucup is the perfect portable feeding aid for baby led weaning & you can also easily dispense the food onto a spoon, if spoon feeding. Sucup certainly is a mummy must-have!

Michelle X



ABEILLE LOVES June: Our fourth ABEILLE LOVES focus' on 3 to 6 months. This is such a fun time to be part of your baby's voyage of discovery, as they migrate from tiny baby to little person. It's such an adorable age as the simplicity of life is so very exciting to fresh eyes. We have selected top 10 ABEILLE LOVES for 3-6 months... Enjoy!


Jumperoo - Essential for energetic babies

So this is a MUST HAVE item for babies that have big batteries. The moment Florence could hold up her own head and could roll over onto her front (which was about 3-4 months) she wanted to be entertained and be the entertainer! I enjoyed the privilege, I could watch her all day without getting bored, but alas, I had to shower, purée food, clean, wash etc.. So although the Jumperoo is advised for 6 months (you should probably stick to this) I thought she was ready at 5 months, I put a big pillow under her feet so that she didn't stretch her feet too much to reach the floor. She absolutely loved it and it gave her a little independence even when we were all sitting having a cup of tea, she could see all of us rather than be staring at the ceiling - Daisy x

Florence Jumperoo

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Activity block - So much fun and beautifully traditional

Now that Florence was sitting up and spending more time on her front, I wanted to get her something besides all the flashing lights, musical sounds and squeaky toys. This solid wood cube is great for encouraging children to play together. I found this great 'Activity Cube' from Jojo Maman Bebe. Mulitiple activities including xylophone, chalk board, clock, flip numbers and chunky wooden beads on wire. Again it was probably a bit early to get it but by 6 months she was tapping away at everything and it's really easy on the eye.

I love this shop, everything I have bought from there Florence loves and they have a fantastic clothing range - Daisy x

Activity cube & Maze

Activity cube and maze


My pal violet - A beautiful toy & relaxing bedtime music in one

This was a godsend as it's something consistent that we could take from place to place with Florence. Whether it be staying in a hotel, going out for dinner, or just being in a crowded place. Because it is a toy as well as bedtime music, Florence was familiar with it and found comfort having beside her. Give learning a personal touch with this award winning soft and cuddly puppy named Scout! Scout connects to the computer so you can customise the music and personalise the learning with your child's name, favourite food, animal and colour.

Scout comes with 5 pre-loaded songs, or you can select and download your choice of learning tunes and lullabies from an online list of 30+ songs. Press a paw to play music, learning songs or games! 14 activities introduce feelings, animals, counting and more. You also select if you want to play 2, 5 or 10 minutes of bedtime music.I really recommend this for little ones. Florence still plays with it now and she is nearly two - Daisy x

My Pal Violet

My Pal Violet


Avent steamer blender - A weaning must have

I cannot rave about this weaning accessory enough, I recommend it to all new mums as it is essential! When you start weaning your little one, many people boil the vegetables and hand blend them to a smooth consistency so that it is easy for you baby to swallow. This is great! But when you boil vegetables, all the goodness goes out with the water. With the Avent steamer blender you keep all the goodness in and you save on using about 10 things to make one purée.

I still use it for smoothies and sauces, so it has many uses other than to purée fruit and veg for your baby - Daisy x

Avent Steamer blender

Avent steamer blender


Lamaze toys - fabulous toys for noise/touch sensation

Lamaze toys are great for babies that are just learning that they can make things move by waving their hands. The noise/touch sensation makes your baby want to go back for more. Florence loved playing with hers, she was given some blocks with different textures on that I hung down from her car seat. The blocks consisted of - Bright contrasting colourful ribbons, textures, a mirror and crinkles to develop listening senses. There are loads of different types of Lamaze toys an they make lovely gifts - Daisy x

Lamaze Toys

Lamaze toys


Bumbo - A wonderful first seat for your baby

I bought this seat for my nephew 6 years ago and he LOVED it, so when Oliver was getting frustrated laying down and was keen to be upright I introduced him to the Bumbo. As soon as he was sat inside pure joy filled his face, it was as if at last we had understood his request. Oliver could see the world from an upright position and still play until his hearts content, A definite must-have, we used the original Bumbo I bought my nephew with the addition of a tray, it's still in pristine condition 6 years on - Michelle x

Oliver Bumbo


Nuby - a great first Teething ring

Teething is a difficult time for babies & all suffer in differing degrees. Babies can't communicate to explain what's wrong, so I found that having a selection of teething toys to hand were really helpful. This Nuby teething ring was brightly coloured so attractive to Oliver, and he was always happy to give it a good chew, which is exactly what's needed to help get those teeth through the gums - Michelle x




Avent feeding set - Perfect preparation for weaning

Weaning is such an exciting time with your 6 month old, I loved watching Oliver's facial expressions when trying a new taste for the very first time. I bought this fabulous feeding set to store small portions or fresh fruit & vegetables in the fridge (again great to sooth sore gums), they are also great for smaller portions of blended food. The spoon that comes with this set is perfect for first feeding as its small with a long handle & soft for delicate mouths - Michelle x

Avent feeding set

Avent feeding set

Snuggle bunny book - A bedtime must have

Snuggle bunny was a gift from my best friend Lisa, who seems to know just what Oliver will LOVE. It's a soft puppet on a hard back book & Oliver was mesmerised at first site. They say you can never start reading early enough with little ones & I couldn't agree more. Snuggle bunny is a must have for bedtime and always makes me sleepy too - Michelle x

Snuggle bunny book

Snuggle bunny book

Safety 1st child swivel bath seat - Safely bathe you baby sitting up

Once Oliver had mastered the art of sitting he didn't want to lie down in the bath anymore so we bough this great bath seat. I'll admit there's a knack of getting them in and out which takes a bit of getting used to but it certainly helps you safely bath your little one and also gives them some freedom to play. This seat rotates 360 degrees, has suction pads on the base to hold the seat in position and has colourful toys to keep baby happy. Recommended from 6 months - Michelle x

Oliver in his seat

Safety 1st child swivel bath seat