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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

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No crispy blanket for MY new born baby!


No crispy blanket for MY new born baby! As a new mummy to be I was very excited to go shopping & purchase all of the gorgeous things on my 'essential baby list' it was such an exciting day, Ben drove me straight from my 20 week scan to a well known department store & we 'Oh'd & Ah'd' at all of the cute little clothes & beautiful toys, that is until we reached the Cellular blankets....


I searched for a sales assistant & queried if I'd selected the right item, it said on the top of my personally researched list 'Cellular blanket' but all I could find on the shelves were pastel crispy blankets with holes in them? The sales assistant kindly confirmed that they were in fact the right blankets & reiterated the small holes in them keep your baby warm, without the danger of them overheating. I'm a very conscious of safety for babies & reluctantly purchased a few packets of the crispy blankets for my bulging bump but wasn't happy...

When we arrived home I decided to ask lots of mummies about the Cellular blankets & they all agreed that these blankets were a very necessary item, but let's be honest they are not pretty! 6 months after having Oliver I was still unhappy about the blanket I used daily & luckily Daisy agreed that the cellular blanket really was due a revamp & the first product in our baby range agreed!

Abeille Cellular blankets are not the basic, bland, crispy pieces of material that you are told to buy on your baby list. Abeille Cellular blankets are Simple – YES… Beautiful – YES… Essential – YES. We have taken a simple, essential blanket and transformed it by using a beautiful colour pallet, increased the weight to make it bouncy and soft on your babies skin. We can't wait to share them with you, No more crispy blankets for newborn babies! Essential items do not have to be basic, the ABEILLE mummies have created the perfect layer!!! Michelle X 20140711-215037-78637862.jpg

Love Keep Create


Love Keep Create: If like me you are emotionally attached to your children's clothes this is the perfect solution. You choose your favourite items & have them made into a beautiful keep sake teddy or blanket. I have to say the quality & workmanship of all items we had the pleasure of seeing at the Harrogate International baby show were outstanding!20140410-215336.jpg I bought a stunning summer dress & hat for Charlotte at the & they are just beautifully made. The hat is fully reversible & despite being constantly used, retains it's shape. 20140410-220206.jpg I just can't wait to put the summer dress on Charlotte, hurry up hot weather! 20140410-215345.jpg About Love Keep Create: Take your treasured old baby clothes & turn them into gorgeous keepsake teddy bears. Keepsake bears, dragons, monkeys, ducks…they have a whole keepsake animal family!

Love Keep Create also make gorgeous keepsake quilts & blankets & can even do 3D pictures. Why not have a keepsake frame made from that first hospital outfit & a scan picture? They have lots of ideas & are more than happy to consult with you over creating the perfect baby keepsake. All products can also be made from any other precious old clothing as a great way to treasure loved ones. All items can also be personalised. Keepsake animals also all come in a lovely presentation box with an accreditation certificate including the child’s name & date of birth. 20140410-215435.jpg

The perfect gift If you do want to buy a gift for a birth/ christening or just because.. The gift boxes are just darling! 20140410-215505.jpg My husband is delighted that I can finally sort through our children's clothes in the loft & have a keepsake instead of 20 bags of clothes, the only issue I have now is do I get a blanket or a teddy bear (or both, just don't tell Ben). Michelle X

Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding Vest


Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding Vest: I've always been confident breast feeding in public as it's entirely natural; however recently have had a few embarrassing moments. Charlotte is teething and has decided to bob on & off the breast, sometimes screaming as it's clearly hurting. This not only attracts attention but the usual discreet muslin has been yanked down & left me entirely exposed not to mention embarrassed.20140404-205153.jpg Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding Vest, The first thing I noticed about the breastfeeding vest was how long it was, it's much longer then the long vest tops I had been using and I'm delighted to say it doesn't ride up. It feels really comfortable and much more luxurious then my staple coloured vest. I decided to try it out when feeding in public at Oliver's nursery egg hunt (which was full of parents and children) and I have to say it's very discreet. Particularly the top rounded section of the breast is covered so you don't have to fiddle around with Muslins and the opening is such that you don't have excess material to tuck in whilst feeding. I will certainly be ordering a few more as it not only gives me more privacy when feeding in public but also means I can wear a lot more of the clothes I had previously ruled out.

About feed me mummy The award winning Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding Vests are available in black or white. If you order a Black & White Combo you can save a few pounds! A simple design with no extra clips to fiddle with, just lift the flap with one hand for easy access. Keeps your post-pregnancy tummy covered as well as your chest for discreet nursing. Use over your nursing bra and under your normal clothes. You can still breastfeed in style! Perfect to wear on its own around the house and at night in the summer months. Or wear under your nightwear to keep warm for those chilly night feeds in the winter. Machine washable. 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra The design of the vest is such that the top and bottom sections do not overlap - they meet in the middle. The vest is not designed to be worn alone, but under your normal clothes. The bottom section should fit snugly under the bust.

The founder Marianne, came up with the Feed Me Mummy vest, a simple design, to wear under your normal clothes, which not only covers your post-pregnancy belly but also covers your chest while feeding so not to feel exposed at all. A 'must-have' for all breast feeding mummies and very affordable £15.99 each or £27.99 for 2.

Click here to buy

Happy shopping! Michelle x

Treasured memories


Treasured memories: The simple things in life are the most precious, so my mum reminds me frequently. When we asked mum what she would like for her birthday we got the usual answer 'some nice photos of the grandchildren'.Oliver-&-Freddy-03 We have tried on many occasions to arrange to have some photos taken as a family but never quite got around to it, so we decided to book a professional session with Alan Wright. Alan suggested location shoot at Southwater park so that the boys could run free. Mum had a great time with the boys & is thrilled with the photos that captured the treasured memories. We bought a gift pack for my mum and now she has a gorgeous set of portraits of her and the grand children. Here's a snap shot of Alan's blog post for the day


I’m always thrilled when asked to suggest a location for a children’s portrait photography session. I have a few favourite locations around Sussex that’ll make beautiful backdrops for your family photography. We can have an adventure discovering what the local environment has to offer. As my favourite locations (and I visit them often with my own family) I know where the great spots for photos are plus the best time of day to visit for gorgeous lighting.

Looking for mini beasts in the long grass, racing each other to the next spot and climbing trees were big hits for these two boys when we did their session earlier this year. So were the ice creams after the session

Enjoy the selection.

~ Alan


Family-Photography-at-Southwater-Park-02 Family-Photography-at-Southwater-Park-03 Family-Photography-at-Southwater-Park-04 Family-Photography-at-Southwater-Park-05 Oliver-&-Freddy-03 Family-Photography-at-Southwater-Park-07 Family-Photography-at-Southwater-Park-08 Family-Photography-at-Southwater-Park-09 Family-Photography-at-Southwater-Park-10

If you would like to arrange a portrait session with Alan to capture your 'Treasured memories' Click here or call Alan at the studio on 01403 262808 - Michelle X

Little Bud Maternity COMPETITION


Little Bud Maternity COMPETITION

The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived, COMPETITION TIME!

Little Bud Maternity COMPETITION

To WIN a £50 voucher to spend at Little Bud Maternity simply 'like' the following Facebook pages:

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NB: Each like and share will give you an additional entry to the competition

Good luck & we look forward to sharing the winner with you Sunday 24th November

Daisy & Michelle, the ABEILLE mummies would like to say a HUGE Thank you to Alan 'Alan Wright Photography' for taking all of the gorgeous pictures and Nina 'Little Bud Maternity' for being our first official Editorial, working with us to create the 10 items you need for you pregnancy wardrobe and supplying the competition voucher.

If you would like to feature on ABEILLE please contact us at:

Michelle x