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Flossie's Birthday party


Flossie's Birthday party Florence had her Birthday party at The Crabtree this year because I wanted to one big party for her rather than friends/family on seperate days. My garden can fit about four people in it, and that is not even mentioning the bouncy castle... THAT would not fit in at all! 20140625-170029-61229607.jpg The children loved the bouncy castle, we ordered one with a slide which kept them busy for about 4 hours... the company we used was Speedy inflatables who were wonderful. They also don't charge if it rains on the day but we were lucky with brilliant sunshine!! 20140625-170029-61229785.jpg My Sister Mollie and her lovely boyfriend James made Flossie's cake which was delicious - apparently! All gone before I got to it. 20140625-170029-61229438.jpg Florence had a wonderful time with all her little friends and I am pretty certain they all slept well that day! 20140625-170029-61229247.jpg I made teapots of pimms for the adults and jugs of squash for the children. 20140625-170030-61230336.jpg It was great being somewhere that has something for all ages, Florence has a wide variety of friends all with different age groups. 20140625-170029-61229971.jpg The girls really enjoyed the tyre swing, when the boys let them on! I kept toys to a minimum, the less to argue over the better. 20140625-170030-61230154.jpg Instead of party bags I got bubbles for everyone. Perfect for any age group, the same for everyone and I bought these out near the end of the party so that they could play with them all together.

Florence had a wonderful day, Thank you so much to everyone who came. Daisy & Florence xx

Happy Easter


Happy Easter Happy Easter to all our lovely Abeille followers. Today is all about family's, having fun and maybe eating a chocolate egg or two.... Yesterday Jon, Charlotte and I took Flossie and Sophie up to the Devil's Dyke for their annual Egg hunt. The girls waited patiently for it to start and practised hopping around like bunnies for half an hour! 20140419-203745.jpg Flossie and Sophie are lovely friends and really enjoyed just being outside in the gorgeous countryside. 20140419-203738.jpg Once we got our clipboard, map, and pencil we set off on our quest to find all the eggs hidden around the countryside. We were joined by Flossies God mother Becky who proved her strength by carrying Flossie on her shoulders after the second egg out of ten was found.... 20140419-203730.jpg After spotting in the far distance some fellow egg hunters we decided to turn around as all the girls were tired... Flossie and Sophie looked a bit exhausted too! ;) So anyway we turned around and made our way back to the lovely people at the National trust stand. They very kindy gave the girls their chocolate eggs and an easter bonnet. They were very happy indeed! 20140419-203722.jpg How on earth we managed to keep them from eating the whole thing before lunch... 20140419-203715.jpg So that was the first egg hunt of many over our long weekend. Tomorrow we will be up to the Crabtree in the morning then onto the big family Adamson Egg hunt. 20140419-203753.jpg Have a wonderful day

Daisy x

ABEILLE BANNER - coming soon

Easter Sunday egg hunt at the Crabtree


Easter Sunday egg hunt at the Crabtree It is coming round to that time of year where the children have an excuse to indulge in chocolate. A few of you will know by now that my family pub usually does something for most events throughout the year 20140404-211219.jpg Between 11am and 12pm there will be an egg hunt in the gorgeous Crabtree garden. The bar will be open early for drinks and coffees - So let the kids run around and you can sit down and wake up properly! 20140404-211143.jpg Flossie loves runing round the garden, fingers crossed for sunshine!! 20140404-211156.jpg Perfect for a pre - dinner run around especially if your Easter lunch is booked in at the Crabtree! 20140404-211209.jpg Have a great Easter everyone... hope the chocolate dosen't cause too much chaos! The Crabtree, Brighton Road, Lower beeding, RH13 6PT. 01403892666

Daisy x

ABEILLE BANNER - coming soon

Crabtree Santas Grotto


Crabtree Santas Grotto Bring the kids to the Crabtree in Lower beeding on Monday 16th December. There will be something for the whole family... Father Christmas for the kids, Carol singing from the choir at the Holy Trinity Church in Lower Beeding, Mulled wine and mince pies. 20131208-202448.jpg There is always a great turn out and the children love the carol singing. This year it will be held in the festive Christmas yurt! 20131208-203759.jpg Starting at 5pm, Santa and his helpful elves will be waiting in the Grotto. Bring the whole family and indulge in Mulled wine, Mince Pies and lots of Christmas spirit! 01403892666

Hope to see you all there

Daisy x

The Crabtree 2nd Birthday


The Crabtree 2nd Birthday As most of our readers know, The Crabtree Inn in Lower Beeding is the pub that my family run. We took it over two years ago and last week we celebrated the 2nd Birthday. It's amazing how much has changed in two years, when we first got the pub Florence was 3 months old, now I have a walking, talking, singing, running, sleeping, eating toddler! All of which I thought would never happen-I couldn't imagine my little baby ever growing up! So back to the Crabtree... 20130906-211913.jpg We celebrated with a BBQ from 4pm with a Latin salsa band on the lawn... We were lucky with the weather-it was beautiful! 20130908-190750.jpg Everyone turned up, great friends, great locals (who are all great friends now also), and supportive family members. 20130908-190739.jpg Florence had a ball-she had lots of lovely little friends to play with, including her best buddy Oliver. We don't have a specific play area for children but they were more than happy running round the garden, they even attempted croquet! 20130906-113411.jpg We have just booked a huge yurt that is available for private hire throughout December and I am already getting excited about planning Santas grotto,carol singing and lots of fun stuff for the kids! Thanks to everyone who came, Daisy x