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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

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Flossie's (my) favourite outfit this summer


Flossie's (my) favourite outfit this summer Once again Flossie's gorgeous God mother and my best friend - Miss Becky Uden bought Florence a very beautiful outfit for her birthday. There is a lovely boutique shop near where she lives in London called 'I Love gorgeous' and it is probably a good thing that it is not near me because I would buy the shop out! 20140712-192928-70168107.jpg The clothes all come with matching accessories and all the fabrics used are such lovely quality. Perfect for special occasions or a gift for someone that you love ALOT!

Happy shopping Mummies... close your eyes daddies!!

Daisy x


Little Bud Maternity Wear


Little Bud Maternity Wear: It can be difficult knowing how to style your blossoming baby bump, but never fear as Little Bud Maternity & ABEILLE are here! We've created a fashion formula, some Top Tips & a capsule wardrobe with the 10 key pieces that'll see you through your pregnancy.LittleBud-Fashion-32 Top Tips: DON'T make the mistake of buying your normal clothes in larger sizes. This will just make you look big, bulky and frankly rather odd, with your hemline at the front riding up and the back sagging down. Maternity clothes have flourished in the last decade. Invest in a few key pieces that fit well, glide over your contours and bump and give you a flattering shape.

DO have 10 basic items of clothing in your perfect pregnancy wardrobe. The idea is to mix and match them and create a multitude of outfits for any occasion - day or night.

DO choose two different neutral shades for the core of your wardrobe. Fitted trousers, vests and dresses in black and dark grey are perfect for winter. Then add splashes of bright colour with jumpers and scarves to add sparkle to your outfit.

DON'T spend a fortune - remember you're only pregnant for nine months. Just select your 10 pieces carefully, then add some show-stopping accessories and you're all set to go.

So, what pieces should you have in this capsule wardrobe....

Trousers Michelle wears super comfy, yet still glam, Boob wide leg trousers. Here we’ve shown them worn 2 ways – either as a strapless playsuit for evening or holidays or with a black maternity vest for a more dressed down look. Palazo pants & playsuit LittleBud-Fashion-1 LittleBud-Fashion-2

Vest Vests designed for maternity will enhance the contours of your body and are perfect for layering. Hormonal changes often mean you feel the heat more when you're pregnant so they're really useful when peeling off or adding more layers. Vest LittleBud-Fashion-3

Jeans A great pair of maternity jeans are well worth the investment – these are super stretchy which means they will last the whole way through your pregnancy and they’re great for those early postnatal days too. Little Bud has a selection that will suit everyone – skinny or bootleg, washed blue, dark denim or black, under-bump, mid-bump or over-bump. There’s something to suit every Mama! Jeans Super stretch Jeans LittleBud-Fashion-40

Poncho / Jumper Keeping warm when you’re pregnant and breastfeeding can sometimes be a struggle so choose from a lovely range of jumpers and ponchos that work perfectly whilst you’re pregnant and then when you’re feeding. In fact the ponchos are just a super-flattering and super easy-to-wear basic that will be a brilliant addition to any winter wardrobe! Here we’ve teamed them with the super stretch jeans and a great scarf which will not only keep you warm but help protect your modesty whilst you’re feeding. Jeans as before, Scarf as before. Poncho / Jumper LittleBud-Fashion-38


Dress A great maternity dress is a must-have. We recommend choosing one you can breastfeed in afterwards or that will flatter a post-baby bump so you get lots of wear out of it. Dresses LittleBud-Fashion-32

Cardigan The fact that it’s open gives you the ability to wear it as your belly grows. (And you’re bound to wear after you’ve dropped the pregnancy pounds post-baby) LittleBud-Fashion-27 LittleBud-Fashion-28

Accessories Good accessories are the way to stay feeling and looking glam when you’re pregnant and feeding. Choose ones that look amazing but are practical at the same time. We’ve shown Michelle wearing a Bola pregnancy chime necklace which can help with bonding with your unborn baby and will hopefully help to soothe it once its born – see Little Bud Maternity’s website for more information. We’ve also shown great Merino scarves – warm, colourful, nearly uncreasable and very practical as a cover up when you’re feeding. Bola Pregnancy chime necklace LittleBud-Fashion-34 LittleBud-Fashion-9

Scarf Merino scarves – warm, colourful, nearly uncreasable and very practical as a cover up when you’re feeding. Scarf LittleBud-Fashion-5

Underwear Maternity tights and underwear are well worth the investments not only for comfort but correct fitting & support is essential to give you a tip-top shape. Underwear LittleBud-Fashion-23

Pyjamas Every new Mama needs a good pair of PJs! You’ll be spending some time in them!! Choose some that are warm and comfy. These are great whilst pregnant and beyond. Pyjamas LittleBud-Fashion-43 LittleBud-Fashion-42

Many Thanks to...

Alan Wright for taking the gorgeous photographs :

Nina for working with ABEILLE on our first editorial:

Tomorrow we will be sharing the details about our exciting competition, so stay tuned! Michelle X

Stella style!


Stella style! A couple of months ago a friend of mine told me that there had been a big drop off of Stella McCartney children's clothing to TKMAXX. I must say its not a shop I visit often because I generally prefer small shops with a smaller collection of clothing. The less there is, the less I will buy... So I popped into Horsham, dive into TKMAXX and got rummaging through the rails!20130529-113417.jpg I think it is pretty much pot luck, but I was obviously lucky, I managed to pick up about 4 items by Stella McCartney including this fab dress for under £40.00.


I am just pleased its warm enough for Florence to start wearing all the dress I have bought.


Florence clearly loved her new dress, and it's great to be able to put her in something pretty and designer without constantly worrying about her getting dirty because of how much it cost.

I didn't actually realise until I did this post that you can buy online from TKMAXX!

Daisy x