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Free baby rhyme time


Free baby rhyme time: If anyone told me I would be frequenting free singing groups in my local library before I had children I would have laughed with disbelieve...20140605-211811-76691559.jpg I met a new yummy mummy last week who was venturing out with her new born for the first time since daddy had returned to work. I was admiring her gorgeous little baby when the mummy became quite upset, the first outing alone is I'm sure you will agree a daunting experience. 20140605-211814-76694181.jpg This lovely mummy was asking if I knew of any good places to take babies & meet other new parents, I recommended local library rhyme time & local village hall/ church hall groups which I'll be honest is the last place I ever thought I would be recommending! But in all honesty these groups are filled with other new parents & it's great to meet people with similar aged children. 20140605-211812-76692556.jpg Oliver loved rhyme time & now it's an activity I enjoy with Charlotte, when Oliver is at pre-school. Rhyme time is free fun & available at most local libraries. The sessions are short, usually about 20 minutes, toys & cushions are arranged around the room & the songs words are displayed on a big board, so you don't even need to know a nursery rhyme. 20140605-211813-76693313.jpg For more information about your local Rhyme time see the West Sussex 'What's on'.

Happy singing, Michelle X

Dancing in the rain


Dancing in the rain: Dancing in the rain is a childish fantasy that we all cherish, the feeling of warm rain droplets on your skin is truly unforgettable. Luckily Oliver loves the rain & where possible we make the most of the downpour, usually after the rain has stopped.20140527-221415-80055122.jpg I bought some waterproof trousers which I pop over Oliver's jeans & tuck into his welly boots, this stops his trousers getting wet & saves me on the washing, when we remember to put them on... 20140527-221416-80056640.jpg Seeing a puddle through Oliver's eyes has shown me that a puddle can be mysterious, it's filled with the sky, some leaves, a few muddy stones & your own reflection. I now try & take the time to slow down & enjoy watching him play with this small pool of water, it's so much fun. 20140527-221415-80055899.jpg It's a simple free activity & let's be honest, there's plenty of rain about at the moment so lots of puddles to play in. Michelle X

Free water fun


Free water fun - I'm always looking for fresh ideas for fun activities with Oliver & Nanna never ceases to amaze me with her inventive free games. We often pop down in the afternoon for a cup of tea & Oliver is always itching to get upstairs & wash his hands in the bathroom sink as Nanna lets him play with cups & water. Today Nanna had a straw waiting for Oliver & let him blow the water making bubbles, he absolutely loved it!20140429-211834.jpg I'm very lucky as Nanna makes me a nice cup of tea & I get to relax whilst she entertains the children. 20140429-211826.jpg It was fabulous to listen to Oliver giggling away having fun & such a simple idea I just had to share! 20140429-211818.jpg You really don't need any instructions, just a little imagination & a few towels to hand as it's quite messy but it's only water. Thank you Mum for my rest & the children's fun, don't worry I won't share the song time videos. Michelle X

Toddler Painting fun


Toddler Painting fun: Toddler painting fun is another free activity for January, assuming you have the materials. Keeping rainy days fun can be a challenge with a toddler but messy play is always a winner. Oliver loves painting & to keep it interesting we tend to pick a theme, we were inspired by his current favourite book 'What the ladybird heard' which was a Christmas present from uncle Dec & auntie Katie.20140128-220631.jpg Equipment Sponge stamps Paint Lots of paper 1/2 a potato 20140128-220701.jpg Method We found some sponge stamps in the garage, one of which was a ladybird but also used 1/2 a potato that was an oval shape (similar to a ladybird's body). We grabbed the paint & I just let Oliver get creative. 20140128-220711.jpg We always end up with lots of pictures, so I tend to keep Oliver's arty creations & use them as Thank you cards for Christmas & birthdays. Who wouldn't love a personalised masterpiece... Michelle X

Bath Paint


Bath Paint: I found this great recipe for Bath Paint, it's easy to make & you can use all store cupboard items.. Yes it's another free activity for January!20140127-211727.jpg 1 tbsp Cornflour 4-6 pumps baby shampoo 2-3 drops food colouring (I used natural extracts food colouring) 1-2 tsp water 20140127-211713.jpg Just mix it all together & let your toddler get creative! 20140127-211720.jpg I gave Oliver a paint brush to use but after a while he ditched it & went in with his hands, it was a really fun activity...enjoy! Michelle X