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Dancing in the rain


Dancing in the rain: Dancing in the rain is a childish fantasy that we all cherish, the feeling of warm rain droplets on your skin is truly unforgettable. Luckily Oliver loves the rain & where possible we make the most of the downpour, usually after the rain has stopped.20140527-221415-80055122.jpg I bought some waterproof trousers which I pop over Oliver's jeans & tuck into his welly boots, this stops his trousers getting wet & saves me on the washing, when we remember to put them on... 20140527-221416-80056640.jpg Seeing a puddle through Oliver's eyes has shown me that a puddle can be mysterious, it's filled with the sky, some leaves, a few muddy stones & your own reflection. I now try & take the time to slow down & enjoy watching him play with this small pool of water, it's so much fun. 20140527-221415-80055899.jpg It's a simple free activity & let's be honest, there's plenty of rain about at the moment so lots of puddles to play in. Michelle X

Free water fun


Free water fun - I'm always looking for fresh ideas for fun activities with Oliver & Nanna never ceases to amaze me with her inventive free games. We often pop down in the afternoon for a cup of tea & Oliver is always itching to get upstairs & wash his hands in the bathroom sink as Nanna lets him play with cups & water. Today Nanna had a straw waiting for Oliver & let him blow the water making bubbles, he absolutely loved it!20140429-211834.jpg I'm very lucky as Nanna makes me a nice cup of tea & I get to relax whilst she entertains the children. 20140429-211826.jpg It was fabulous to listen to Oliver giggling away having fun & such a simple idea I just had to share! 20140429-211818.jpg You really don't need any instructions, just a little imagination & a few towels to hand as it's quite messy but it's only water. Thank you Mum for my rest & the children's fun, don't worry I won't share the song time videos. Michelle X

Happy Easter


Happy Easter Happy Easter to all our lovely Abeille followers. Today is all about family's, having fun and maybe eating a chocolate egg or two.... Yesterday Jon, Charlotte and I took Flossie and Sophie up to the Devil's Dyke for their annual Egg hunt. The girls waited patiently for it to start and practised hopping around like bunnies for half an hour! 20140419-203745.jpg Flossie and Sophie are lovely friends and really enjoyed just being outside in the gorgeous countryside. 20140419-203738.jpg Once we got our clipboard, map, and pencil we set off on our quest to find all the eggs hidden around the countryside. We were joined by Flossies God mother Becky who proved her strength by carrying Flossie on her shoulders after the second egg out of ten was found.... 20140419-203730.jpg After spotting in the far distance some fellow egg hunters we decided to turn around as all the girls were tired... Flossie and Sophie looked a bit exhausted too! ;) So anyway we turned around and made our way back to the lovely people at the National trust stand. They very kindy gave the girls their chocolate eggs and an easter bonnet. They were very happy indeed! 20140419-203722.jpg How on earth we managed to keep them from eating the whole thing before lunch... 20140419-203715.jpg So that was the first egg hunt of many over our long weekend. Tomorrow we will be up to the Crabtree in the morning then onto the big family Adamson Egg hunt. 20140419-203753.jpg Have a wonderful day

Daisy x

ABEILLE BANNER - coming soon

Tulleys Farm - Easter Egg-Stravaganza


Tulleys Farm - Easter Egg-Stravaganza: I must admit I'm not a great one for the big children's events as they are normally very noisy & busy but Nanna & I decided to brave Tulleys Farm with Oliver & his nephew Freddie as a alternative gift to chocolate. I have to say it wasn't to busy or too noisy & we all had a great time, especially the children!20140415-210422.jpg Open 10.00am to 5.00pm. Sun 6th to Mon 21st April 20140415-210512.jpg We booked a family ticket on-line £24.99 (2 Adults & 2 Children which included... Meet the Easter Bunny as he walks around the Egg-Stravaganza Easter Egg and Bunny Hunt Easter Show with the Eggertons, the Singin' Spring Chickens and Puppet Shows Unlimited time on the giant slide & trampolines Duck racing (water pumping and heart pumping) Meet the baby animals Barrel train Tractor ride 20140415-210524.jpg About Tulleys Farm Tulleys Farm has a world wide reputation for supplying outstanding local foods, providing a great experience with friendly service and fun family seasonal events! Free parking Farm Shop and Tea Room Tea Garden and Play Area The Animal Patch

20140415-210500.jpg Tulleys Farm is a great place to visit & buy a few bits in the farm shop or to have a fun filled family day out. The facilities are clean, the staff are friendly & it's a lovely little place for children, I'd highly recommend it. Michelle X

Roger the Baby Tennis Racket - Little Champ


Roger the Baby Tennis Racket - Little Champ - Those of you that follow our blog will know that Daisy & I have just returned from the Harrogate International baby fair, Charlotte was our lucky mascot & accompanied us for the three long days. It's not the most exciting place for a 5 month old baby but luckily we found some fabulous products that I just haven't seen yet in the shops, you saw them here first!20140401-202637.jpg Charlotte was completely fixated by this gorgeous brightly coloured tennis racket toy & it has so many fun features..The handle squeaks to encourage grip, The tennis ball rattles when swung, The racket head crinkles for fun, it has colourful baby play tags & bright stimulating colours. Charlotte loves grabbing the ball when it's attached to the baby gym & Oliver just loves playing with it too. 20140401-202645.jpg About Roger the baby Tennis Racket Shortlisted for toy of the year award, 2013, Roger the tennis racket is an educational & sensory sports toy that stimulates a baby's early senses, their core skills & an early interest in sport! Grip, hand-eye coordination, swing, feel and fun with the latest baby friendly squeaky grip, crunchy racket head & a ball that rattles.

To buy/find out more about Sensory Sports Toys for Babies and Toddlers - Click here

20140401-202655.jpg This is a fabulous toy for learning hand-eye coordination & can attach to any cot, buggy or baby gym. I would highly recommend all of the toys in the range, a fabulous gift for under £10 & I already have my eye on the Gordon the golf club for Charlotte!